Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Wisconsin Revolution In Politics

From the venerable Dominique Paul Noth, describing the next phase for the battle of Wisconsin versus Fitzwalkerstan:
What's happening on the Milwaukee North Shore is typical around the state. Articulate family-focused lifelong residents interested in politics but novices to public office have been stirred to run by all this obstinate resistance to facts, by the misguided focus on antique concepts of families and values rather than on modern children and communities.

Deals made behind doors in the State Capitol have been exposed to main streets and forced people to wonder about the overreach of Act 10 attacking basic collective bargaining or Act 43 forcing a redistricting tightrope of extreme partisanship or the broad effects of Act 32 cutting the local citizens' ability to solve education, health care and general services.

That's not what we sent people to Madison to do. That's the cry you hear around the state regardless of political history. Perhaps that's why people find their neighbors who step forward to run far more credible than those paid pretend-neighbor outsiders from Koch-funded ugly rallies against health care, contraception and Obama's birth record.

There has been a widespread emergence of people everyone knows from down the street who are now running for office whatever the odds. It seems quite legitimate in contrast to the coordinated Tea Party outrage. It's an uncoordinated but now active and necessary outbreak of citizenship, a groundswell of civic involvement to slowly restore sanity and progress. Noted one political consultant, "These are not people who can be dismissed as some sort of flaming liberal activist."
Do read the rest as he goes on to introduce Cris Rogers, who is taking on Paul Ott. Also in the article are Kelley Albrecht and Tanya Lohr.


  1. I wish that someone else was running against Vos. This whole thing has gone to Albrecht's head. She claims to be pro-humility, yet, refers to herself as one of the important people.
    Hypocrite and I don't trust her. With Vos you at least know where he's coming from.

  2. Oh you know where Vos is coming from alright- ALEC. He'll get his comeuppance quite soon enough.