Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coverage Contest

As I just wrote, the teahadists are going to be having a revival and snake oil sellathon this Saturday.

President Barack Obama will be in Milwaukee the very same day day.

Which do you think the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will write about more and which one do you think they'll give the more favorable pass to?


  1. Is this a serious question? Of course they will give serious coverage to an appearance to the President...

    of the Tea Party group.

  2. They will be covering the slackers and the victims. The ones government entitlements are for. You know, the ones that think the Tea Party is for them.

  3. Well, Eugene Kane certainly won't be covering the Obama event, will he?
    I imagine Charlie Sykes will be at the TP soup kitchen. Probably another serious "journalist" will be there, too, to scribble some TP claptrap and then the editor will christen a title and subtitle to it that tells the reader to be one of them. "Objective" journalism, you know (wink-wink).