Saturday, September 22, 2012

Troops Triple Play

The Mittney/Ryan Campain has shown their true colors when it comes to our troops recently- they are not interested!!

First, Mitt failed to mention the troops at all in his acceptance speech!  Which of course he explained away as, you only talk about the issues that are important to you:

Secondly, the republican party threw the returning veterans under the bus who thought that they might want a job when they returned to our country!

Since all bad things come in three's, Mitt talked about his disdain for the 47% who pay no Federal income taxes.   Of course Mitt is too dense to get the irony, that he does not pay Federal Income Taxes either.  John @Democurmudgeon has a great post on who exactly these 47% are, one of the major groups who do not pay Federal Income taxes(and rightfully so) is our active military! 

Leaving the question - Who does Mitt like?

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  1. Romney doesn't even have the commonsense patriotism (or good intentions) to redistribute his offshore millions to American banks and credit unions. Palli