Saturday, September 29, 2012

Milwaukeee County Transit System: Parent-Ruined, Kid-Disapproved

During his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker went about systematically ruining the transit system.  Even though all reports on the transit system pointed out that system would eventually fail if it did not have a dedicated funding source, Walker openly and actively opposed any such measure.  Instead, he repeatedly did the worst things he could do, raising fares and cutting service, every year.

This only dropped the number of riders and pushed the system closer to collapse.

Now that he is going to his father's "alma mater," Walker's son, Matthew Walker is just figuring out what havoc his father has caused:

Sadly, as governor, Walker the elder has shown even more disdain for the Milwaukee County Transit System by cutting funding from the state by millions of dollars.  Furthermore, he has made it clear he has no interest in doing the right thing by establishing a dedicated funding source or allowing Milwaukee County to do so.

And it appears that while the current county executive, Chris Abele, claims that he is not raising fares or cutting services, the system is not expected to fare well after 2013, when the bottom drops out.

And given Abele's inability to keep any credibility, it is doubtful that many people will understand who really caused the tanking of our regional economy.

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  1. Here's hoping Walker's son turn out bad and becomes an honest, hard working citizen.