Thursday, September 27, 2012


Listen to Samuel L. Jackson talk to President Obama supporters:

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  1. Samuel is a dude, and the idea is "cute". But this attitude is somewhat enraging and I stopped watching due to the arrogant re-framing here. Even if these people meant well, which I suppose they do in their way. This is offensive. Massively offensive to all the people over various time-periods who have "been in the street" and been SERIOUSLY shut down.
    It's too TOO easy, and incredibly insulting to blame "The Complacent Masses". For everything, for your guy not having won that election, for every woe and misery, for athletes foot. If only "people" cared. Are.You.Kidding me.
    Let's think however about the many many ways in which "the people" are shut out. Whether shut out of influence by Tate and Zielinski, shut out by gov't forces (PATRIOT Act rules,Capitol Police, Milwaukee Police, Washington Police etc etc. How many Youtube videos are there of police taking Press cameras? waaaay too many. Pepper spray, anyone?
    You need only to "Wake the Fuck Up" yourself and remember (how quickly people have forgotten?) the EXTREME efforts used to shut down the Occupy situations, and previous to that, all the ugly globalization protests.
    Nobody (no-bo-dy!) really wants the people moving in the streets of their own accord and speaking from the heart. What they want is willing robots to man the phone banks and read from the little paper (with sincerity and "passion") then go home.
    Thats' NOT people in the streets. That's NOT genuine, unscripted involvement. Whenever "the People" attempt that, it's shut down in a fat hurry. It's popular to say The People ARE Stupid. And in many ways they are, but paradoxically at the same time, they really aren't. Political involvement today means strict conformity, being an obedient lemming. Flash-mobbing silently when and where told, looking moved by whatever is propped before you, then disappearing. Singing some horrible-sounding song lead by Mr Rotunda Choir Director like a bunch of out-of-tune Who's in Whoville. Little acts of busy-ness and catharsis that DO NOTHING.
    "Involvement" means pretending to like some bloviating candidate a heck of a lot more than you ever could, and writing that BIG CHECK. And don't forget to write that big check to the group working to "end the influence of money" L-O-freakin-L
    Occupy was trashed by virtually everyone with influence, including Democrats then, by The Law. You probably wrote several posts about how Occupy was "too much" or "misguided" or some crap. No one really wants People in the streets. CERTAINLY not Obama. And so it goes.
    As cool as Samuel is, he's the one who needs to Wake the Fuck Up.