Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nothing Could Be Finer Than Solidarity Fish Fry Number Niner

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of week again! It's Solidarity Fish Fry Friday!

And this is week number nine.

Unfortunately, I missed Labor Council last night, but I have heard that the delegates are getting angry and are demanding answers on why Labor Council has not moved locations yet.  And with the Labor Council goes all of the other union business, including all the parties, banquets and other events.

If Serb Hall is doing as poorly as management says they are, that would be devastating to them.  And the word of mouth of how they treat people, workers and customers alike, would only make it worse for them.

The delegates are upset because of the union busting tactics and illegal acts being committed by Serb Hall's management.

We will continue to show our support for our union sisters and brothers by going to Serb Hall and enjoying a good fish fry served by a union server.

All you have to do is go to Serb Hall and ask for a table with a union server.  Be prepared to wait.  This has become increasingly popular and they've been putting only one of the five union servers left on the fish fry in the early shift (Say hi to Michelle!) and one in the later shift (Say hi to Victoria!).

Then eat to your heart's and your stomach's content.  And make sure you leave a generous tip!

Oh, yeah, and tell them Cog Dis sent ya.

And to help you get in the mood for Friday, here's some music to celebrate Solidarity Fish Fry #9.

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