Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Is What Fascism Looks Like!

Today, in Michigan, the Teapublicans showed their true colors.

The lame duck fascists introduced a Right To Bust Unions Law and passed it through both houses, all within hours.  They did so because some Republicans were breaking ranks and they had lost a lot of seats in the last election, so they felt it was now or never.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who said he wouldn't sign it, already has his pen out and will sign off on it the minute it hits his desk.

To keep the people from having a voice in the matter, they took a page from Scott Walker and the Wisconsin fascists by locking down their capitol and assaulting people exercising their Right of Free Speech.

David Dayen at FDL has a very good break down of what happened and how it happened.

Or, for the illiterate (see Teapublicans) here it is in a nutshell:

So where do they go from here? Who knows?

Odds are that this has been done illegally and that they already have attorneys digging into it looking for every possible way to take it down. 

I just wonder if the people will wait long enough for it to work it's way through the courts.  This is exactly the sort of fascism that causes open revolts and general strikes.

At the risk of speaking for my co-authors, Cog Dis stands in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Michigan.

Also, take this to heart.  If you haven't realized that you cannot trust the Teapublicans by now, you're either one of them or a fool, but I repeat myself.  You can fully expect that Walker and his cohorts in corruption and crime will not only pass Right to Bust Unions Law, but also end same day registration, dismantle the GAB, allow the mining companies to rape the land and pollute the waters and air, and just about any other nightmare you care to name.

Are you ready to do what is necessary when that time comes?


  1. We've got to get rid of these Republicans wherever they are. That has to be our goal in 2014.. in Congress; in the state houses. They've got to go. The damage inflicted on the country and on the democratic process is immense.

    I know that many feel that the Dems are not strong enough or not progressive enough, but we can worry about that when we get the Repubs OUT.

    2014 starts now!

  2. Unfortunately, most of Michigan doesn't know about this. For something like a general strike to be possible people have to know about this