Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) is back at it. By back at it, I mean punishing anyone who dares speak up against him, all the while being the dishonest, unethical, politician America was introduced to during the campaign.  

First we start off with the fact that, under republican party rules, there are term limits to heading committees. As head of the Budget Committee, Paul Ryan has reached his term limit.  Well rules do not matter to Paul Ryan, and he was recently re-appointed to be head of the Budget Committee.  This despite John Boehner promising "no special treatment".

Another complication for leaders is Rep. Paul Ryan’s return to the House. Leaders are expected to reappoint the Wisconsin Republican as head of the Budget Committee even though he’s reached the term limit for committee heads. That has others wondering why the party’s golden boy is getting special treatment.

“I have told John Boehner that I will abide by what John wants,” Homeland Security Chairman Pete King (R-N.Y.) told POLITICO. “I was told that nobody would be getting waivers, including Paul Ryan. Obviously, if Paul is going to get a waiver, I will discuss it with the speaker.”

Once re-installed, then Paul Ryan did what he does best, punish those who have ever spoke up against him.  

Two of the most conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives have been kicked off the House Budget Committee, a rare move that could make it easier for the panel to advance a deal with Democrats to cut fiscal deficits.

Representatives Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Justin Amash of Michigan - both favorites of the anti-tax Tea Party movement - are among those Republicans voting most often against House Speaker John Boehner......

"This is clearly a vindictive move and a sure sign that the GOP establishment cannot handle disagreement," he said.

Huelskamp and Amash had said that despite sweeping changes to the Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs, committee chairman Paul Ryan's budget did not make deep enough cuts to entitlement programs and military spending........

 Huelskamp and Amash cast the only House Budget Committee votes against Ryan's budget plan earlier this year.

Which is strange because Frank Luntz was given a national stage where he told us time and time again how great a conservative Paul Ryan was.   It was such a lovefest, it is almost as if Paul Ryan paid him to do it

CBS News political analyst Frank Luntz had a major undisclosed conflict of interest while appearing on the network. While Luntz used his pre-election platform on CBS to praise Rep. Paul Ryan, his consulting firm, Luntz Global LLC, received $40,000 in consulting and polling fees from Rep. Paul Ryan's congressional campaign.

On CBS, Luntz called Ryan a "very popular" congressman who could help Romney win Wisconsin. Luntz also used his CBS appearances to attack his client's vice presidential opponent. He claimed that Biden's debate performance was a turnoff to voters and suggested it showed that the Obama administration can't work with congress. Luntz made eleven CBS appearances to discuss the presidential campaign from September 24 -- when Luntz's firm first received a payment from Ryan -- through November.

According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Ryan's successful 2012 congressional campaign paid Luntz Global LLC $20,000 on September 24 for "Polling: Dial Session" and $20,000 on October 9 for "Advertising: Ad Consulting." (Ryan's year-end FEC report, covering all of October through December, is not due until January 31.)

Luntz is a Republican operative (despite some apparent confusion from CBS) who is perhaps best known for helping write and market Newt Gingrich's Contract with America. New York Times Magazine contributor Robert Draper reported that Luntz orchestrated a 2009 meeting where prominent Republicans, including Paul Ryan, formulated a plan to gain control of congress and The White House.

Luntz's lack of disclosure may violate CBS Corporation's standards of conduct. The CBS Corporation Business Conduct Statement on conflicts of interest informs CBS employees, "including those employed on a temporary, freelance, intern, or per diem basis,"  that "in all cases" they "must disclose all potential conflicts of interest" to CBS:

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  1. Paul Ryan gets special treatment because when he was at Miami University, he was a crusader to get Boehner elected to the House. It probably is less related to his run for VP.