Saturday, December 8, 2012

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 9: Feast! - and Famine?

'Twas the ninth week of Solidarity Fish Fry, and as we have in the last eight, we feasted well.

Some of the evening's highlights included Christine and Gary Ballewske celebrating their 30th anniversary.  To help them commemorate this festive occasion, they were joined by my cohort in coleslaw, Randy Bryce:

We were also joined by the Dexheimer family, all the way from Madison:

And this week, I was able to sup with not only the ever charming Kelley Dee Albrecht, but with a crew from the Progressive Democrats of America:

And yes, we will do it again for week ten!

But the news is not all festive.

As I mentioned when we first started the Solidarity Fish Fry, the management at Serb Hall has been haranguing and hassling the union waitresses.  Their constant harassment has chased away many of them.  And their illegal discrimination against hiring union-eligible staff and intimidating the current staff as they become union eligible has kept the number of union waitress to five.

Most weeks, most of the union waitresses are tied up with parties, banquets and other events, so there is usually only one, sometimes two union waitresses for the fish fries.

I have learned that one of the waitresses is going to be gone on medical leave for a few months, just as we are hitting the height of the holiday party season.  This could very well mean that there might be no union waitresses working some weeks.

If that happens, we will not be going that week.

Make sure you keep an eye on this site or on the Solidarity Fish Fry Facebook page to know if there will be a Solidarity Fish Fry that week or not.

Don't distress too much about it.  Our dear friends of Local 122 will still be working, although they might not receive the generous tips that they get from us.

And it won't hurt to skip a week here or there to help accentuate how much business the union staff are bringing in each week.  I'm sure that even the money-grubbing, union-busting tools in management will be able to notice the large drop off in their ledgers.

So, we'll see you again next week, on December 14th.  And bring that extra money to make sure that we give our union sisters and brothers a slightly early Christmas present, just in case.

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