Saturday, December 8, 2012

Walker Against Same Day Registry, Unless His Kid's Using It

Another day, another outlandish piece of hypocrisy from Scott Walker:
Although he has signaled opposition to same-day voter registration, Gov. Scott Walker accompanied his college-age son to a Wauwatosa polling place to register and vote on Aug. 14 - the day of the GOP Senate primary.

Matt D. Walker, a freshman at Marquette University, registered to vote at Jefferson School in Wauwatosa, just blocks from the Walker home, according to election records.

A witness who was at the polling place told the Journal Sentinel that the governor accompanied his son.

In a speech in California last month, Walker said he was considering ending same-day voter registration but has since said it won't be a priority for him in the next legislative session.

Walker also said that proponents of same-day registration, some of whom held a news conference this week urging him to leave the issue alone, had turned it into a "ridiculous issue."

"My priority is about jobs, creating jobs. . . . It's not a part of my legislative priorities. It hasn't been something we've talked about," Walker said.
A couple of things to take away from that.

One, I think we've all learned that you can't trust anything Walker has to say about anything.

Two, if Walker's focus is really on job creation, we're all pretty much screwed.

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  1. Then why did you say it in Cali Walker? Were you just. Blowing it out your arse for more money?