Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Charlie Sykes' White Wisconsin

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One Wisconsin Now
As I just wrote yesterday, Charlie Sykes and Wisconsin Club for Growth have joined forces to see how many fools they can part from their money. It is officially behind a paywall now, but if you know the code, and if you're a glutton for punishment, you can still check it out for a week for free.*

In an email from Sykes, he had this big spiel touting the site:
This is the grand opening of RightWisconsin, our new digital community. Our team has created a new distribution channel for conservative ideas and a new forum for you. Unlike my radio show, we don't sign off. Unlike my TV show, Sunday Insight, we don't have a time slot.

The conversation continues, on demand, when you want. We're here 24/7, helping rise above the mainstream media filter and providing a one-stop shop for conservatives who care about Wisconsin--which as you know, continues to be the center of the Political Universe.

Our Perspectives page is home to exclusive columns from prominent conservatives as well as new voices which you need to hear.

Daily Takes is our mega blog, which will update throughout the day with new items from our cadre of contributors.

And, I think you're going to love The Feed. It's our look at the conservative social media stream, packaged just for you. Scroll through it. Just like RightWisconsin's potential, that feature is endless.

We continue to bring you the Key Reads each day. We serve up the best takes from around the web and we'll ask you a different polling question each day.

This is your site. This is your community. Welcome.

Check us out, kick the tires and let us know what you think.

Let's roll...

-Charlie Sykes
Yada, yada, yada. Like I said, they're just aggregating free stuff and hoping people will be stupid enough to pay them for it.

And to show how uncreative these squawkers are, "Daily Takes" is the name of Brian Fraley's old blog. Fraley, who is the master aggregator for this ventrue, couldn't even come up with something original.

But there is already problems in paradise.

After all the time and money that they spent promoting "Right Wisconsin," they've really should have been promoting the real name of the blog, "White Wisconsin."

At least half a dozen local, black, conservative authors, including Wonder Woma - who had stood up to Glenn Grothman's attack on Kwanzaa - offered to submit contributions to the web site. Each and everyone was turned down.

When confronted on the monochromatic nature of his site, Sykes said that they would have "one of the country's most provocative black conservatives. Stay turned."

Undoubtedly, that "provocative black conservative" is none other than James T. Harris, who is best known for making an ass out of himself during the Obama - McCain race four years ago.

While Sykes is no stranger to race baiting, he is also very conscious of the fact that some of his main contributors includes Brian Sikma and the other racists at Media Trackkkers. If Sykes features more than a token black, regardless of how conservative they are, he might lose his Teapublican credentials.

After all, in the world of Sykes and company, it's not just enough to be a conservative, you have to be the white right kind of conservative.

But if Sykes keeps on this way, he might be getting himself in for more than he bargained.  This could get fun.

*If you're really interested, the pass word is "founder."


  1. The paywall helps reduce criticism.

    Don't forget that one of the Journal's first actions was to purchase LeftWisconsin.com, too, and they're redirecting it to RightWisconsin.com.

    You see, this is how they encourage a civic and civil dialogue.

  2. Check it out for free? I'd rather flog myself than subject myself to more Sykes!

    I have my alarm set to TMJ when Sicks, oops I mean Sykes is on. That way I get the satisfaction of smacking it to shut it off.