Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hugh Hewitt Makes Amends

Small time, right wing radio host Hugh Hewitt was the one, who when interviewing Paul Ryan (R-voted against Hurricane Sandy Relief), asked him the question about being a marathoner.  The one that Paul Ryan lied so badly when he answered it, that it is something that will always stick with him.  

We all know that Paul Ryan does NOT like to be humiliated, so Hugh Hewitt needed to do what others before him have done.....grovel at the Boy Kings feet

Hewitt recently did just that(however as you see, Ryan was not smart enough to accept the apology or turn it around to clear himself so Hewitt did the best he could):

HH: Speaking of the election, I want to turn there for just a couple of minutes. And first, I want to begin by saying when you were on the show the first time after your nomination, I surprised you with a question. And I never clear my questions with anyone, but I surprised you with a question about your running, and I’m sorry about that, because you didn’t have a chance to check with your brother.
PR: Well, I just forgot. I mean, it was, what, 22 years ago? I hurt my back when I was like 24 or 25, and I quit running. But I used to run a lot, and I’d literally just forgot what the time was, and I threw it off the top of my head. That was the mistake I made. I ran an ordinary time. I thought I gave you an ordinary time answer. Apparently not, because I just forgot that the sense of these things.
HH: But that was an illustration of the environment in which the campaign operated.
PR: Yeah.
HH: …where hypertechnical gotcha overtook the big issues like we’ve been talking about.
PR: Right. Yeah.

Of course Hewitt should have known better, Hugh should have known the republican VP's can not answer a simple question unless they have prepped for it:

 Those gotcha questions really got the past two Vice Presidential candidates who it turns out had more in common than we realized! 

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