Friday, January 25, 2013

Teacher Pay Raises! In Florida?

By Jeff Simpson

Florida Governor Rick Scott says so.  Scott has decided that educators in Florida have taken enough of a beating and has offered up an olive branch full of money for the public educators!

This afternoon, Gov. Rick Scott proposed giving all full-time public-school teachers across the state a $2,500 pay raise.

“I can think of no better investment for our state than investing in those teachers who work on the front line of Florida’s future every day by teaching our children,” said Scott, in a news release.

Scott’s budget proposal to the Legislature will include $480 million in funding for the pay raises, and he is expected to unveil an overall increase in education funding in the next few weeks.

“Anything for teachers I support, especially in view of the recent Supreme Court ruling on 3 percent,” said Sara Kohlhauff, a Pinewoods Elementary teacher and Golden Apple finalist. “It is at least a nod in the right direction.”

Scott’s proposal is coming less than a week after the state Supreme Court ruled that public employees must contribute 3 percent of their pay to the Florida Retirement System.
FAQ on the proposal here!

This of course sent shockwaves in the republican party, as the party of group think was the nbeing led down the road of actually paying teachers.  It was not overlooked in WI, as Scott Walker today pledged to add more money to the Wisconsin public schools. 

It will be interesting to see how this is received in the republican party! 

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