Saturday, January 12, 2013

Congratulations Are In Order

Randy Hopper and Valerie Cass are engaged!

I guess Randy Hopper has been too busy making wedding plans to register, as a profit off public education lobbyist , like his friends!  

Imagine the beer that will be consumed there, I would recommend New Glarus try and get that contract.  It would be huge for business! 

If they want ratings gold, I would recommend that COPS comes and films the reception!



  1. don't be out driving when he leaves the reception.

  2. Don't think though, he'll be making an honest woman out of her.

  3. Hopper had a court date Jan 10 for the second OWI -- in 2012 -- first was dismissed. Can't find any news reports and CCAP has the case OPEN but no court date.

    His attorney is (for each) the best in the state, Dennis Melowski, and, if there is not a chance to get a squirrelly defense (like the last one that succeeded), he takes advantages of rescheduling and placing clients in treatment -- most notable in state is Cedar Creek -- delaying proceedings until he can get good recommendations from a court-respected AA advocate, Buckley Meade?

    Is this is what is happening behind the scenes here?

    Is hopper "sobering up", perhaps even doing the AA thing and now his fluzzie homewrecker is willing to show here repug values and say YES?

    Can someone find out what is going on -- there's a media blackout on this case, most likely, part of the defense-team plan.

  4. What a sad day for the ladies of Wisconsin

  5. So who's the next mistress?

  6. Replies
    1. They must think hopper is a pig.

      A very rich swine, but still a PIG!

  7. I heard THESE girls like boys like Bed-Hopper Randy Hopper, but only if they get sober and stay sober.

    So perhaps that means an affair won't happen.