Monday, January 28, 2013

Sykes Prepares To Fleece The Herd

On Monday, Charlie Sykes is going to take his aggregate web site, Right Wisconsin, sponsored by the Wisconsin Club for Growth,  behind the pay wall.

The whole thing is rather hilarious and shows what gullible sheeple the right can be.

As I wrote before about this wannabe power site:
After following the site for several weeks, I have ascertained that it serves two main purposes.

The secondary reason they created this site is an effort to control the message. It will be a great resource for right wingers that are afraid of the real world and only want information that supports and reinforces their own skewed sense of reality. You know the type. The ones that think American for Preposterousness is really a grass roots movement or that President Barack Obama is a communist, socialist, Marxist, socialist, Nazi, space alien, baby-eating Kenyan.

The primary reason for this site is the same one that any conservative organization does anything - to make money.
Now think about this for a minute.

Sykes and the Club for Growth have joined up to build a website that aggregates the posts from places like MacIver, Wisconsin Reporter, Media Trackkkers and the rest of the special interest propaganda sites. They also scrape the right wing echo chamber parrots like James Wigderson, Owen Robinson and the like.

All of which is free for a mouse click.

Now they expect people to pay five bucks a month for what they could have for free. They'll even through in Sykes' Twitter feed and Facebook feed, both of which, again, are free. (Unless he blocks you like he did to me.)

So they're hoping that people will be willing to pay for lies and propaganda, written by Grade Z hacks, which they could have gotten for free all along.

Sad to say, I think they will get a surprisingly large number of sheeples to bite. If they are foolish enough to believe this nonsense in the first place, they're foolish enough to pay someone to lie to them.

But even Sykes and his sponsors at the Club for Growth are lefty weenies when compared to the conservatives' conservatives at Far Right Wisconsin, which by the way is absolutely free.


  1. I've seen online ads for a petition to "Stand with Walker" against attacks by lefties. There is a spot to donate. I don't really see how the "lefties" can attack him at all right now. He has the Assembly, the Senate and the Supreme Court on his side. So I wasn't sure what that was about. Just fundraising, I guess.

  2. Do the contributing sources receive a cut?

  3. The website should be stamped with this seal as a warning to all....