Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What is Wrong With These People?

This from former republican congressman, MSNBC talk show host and past strong supporter of the NRA Joe Scarborough:

"This extremism is so frightening" Joe Scarborough. Hmmmm, it appears that he was talking directly about Charlie Sykes!

While Chuck will not give us his view, I will give mine. This absolutely crossed the line. Why does President Obama have to send his kids to a school with armed guards? because of hate mongers like Charlie sykes who stir up the masses to hate everyone who is a democrat and if your a minority it just gets increased.
The Presidents poor daughters have a target on them and they did not ask for that. It is sad that people like the "leaders" of the NRA and people who use our airwaves for hate like Sykes are making that target even clearer. They should be ashamed of themselves and so should the powers that be at 620 WTMJ!
Don't believe me? Wait an hour and read the comments!


  1. I agree with Joe Scarborough. What the NRA's Ad talks about is political pornography. Sidwell Friends is the name of the Scoll that Malia and Sasha go to. This is a Quaker School. The quakers are some times known as "friends" and the official name of the church is "The Society of Friends" Quakers have as a doctrine within their faith the practice of pacifism. The government acknowledges this and do not recruit Quakers or Amish some Mennonites and many others. These Pacifists do not carry guns! Quakers abhor violence. I do not believe that Sidwell Friends would have armed guards as it violated a tennant of their faith.

    I believe that Malia and Sasha are in all likelihood protected by the U.S. Secrete Service. As Children of the president they are bound by law to accept this protection. Additionally I cannot see the secrete service being very excited about having to share some protectee turf with the local armed security guards.

    These Girls like their father and mother have no choice. They are protectees now and into the future and if I understand correctly this protection may extend after their father leaves the White House.


  2. That ad is totally obscene, why the heck would anyone make an ad saying things like that about ANYONE's kids. Especially after we have had heard all week about goofballs bothering those poor people in Newtown with their conspiracy theories.