Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Waukesha Rifleman, er, Freeman

It's darn near impossible to make it through the day without hearing some right wing crank complaining about the "liberal media."

I'm still waiting for someone to show me a news source that is liberal.  The closest they can come is one that simply tells the truth.

Usually, the papers will keep the most egregious of their bias limited to the editorial page, such as Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's David Haynes and Ernst-Ulrich Franzen.  That said, their bias seeps through in the way their news stories are edited as well.

But this is to be expected, I suppose, when the newspapers are just another facet of the corporate media that has taken over the industry.

The Waukesha Freeman is no exception.  If anything, they are a little further right than even most newspapers.

Their "guest editorial" calumnists include James Wigderson, Mark Belling, Jessica McBride and Owen Robinson.

Not one intellectual, one one honest person, not one progressive or liberal. (Yes, I realize that was rather redundant.)

But as unfathomable as it might seem, that daily has gone even more to the right.

They just hired a new overnight editor.  In the newspaper business, a night editor can control copy and make executive decisions on content.  So one would expect that a newspaper would want to make sure that their night editor is level-headed, objective, intelligent and most of all, sane.

They failed in every category with their new overnight editor, Steve Van Dien.

Check out some of these Facebook driveling he has posted and tell me if you would trust any news that comes from a paper he worked for:

And that's just a flavor of them.

Perhaps it's time for the paper to change it's name to the Walkersha Rifleman.


  1. Thanks capper. I like the automobile comparison. It leads right into requiring insurance for all non-hunting weapons. Let the markets work. Reward people with good credit and good driving records.

  2. We used to call it the Waukesha Fishwrap back in the 80s.

  3. I doubt this comports with the Facebook terms of service.

  4. This guy can't even get the definition of insanity right, which is the real quote. Not much of an Einstein I see as he botches it bad. It should say Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Much like adding more guns on the street doesn't actually make them safer if he wants to use demonstrable facts and not emotive arguments. He really has a one-track mind.

  5. Heroin doesn't get you high of it's own volition....

    The briefcase nuke I built in my basement won't obliterate a one mile square of the city by it's own just kind of lies there till someone picks it up blah blah blah...

    That being said do you think it's a good idea for only teapublicans and prepers to have all the guns?

    Common online teabagg/gunfag/prepper sig line: those who beat their swords into plow shares will plow for those of us who didn't"