Monday, January 14, 2013

Community Protest Against Slashing The County Board

From the Facebook event:
Wednesday, January 16th at 10:00 AM at the downtown transit center 909 E. Michigan St - Join MICAH, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, the NAACP, Voces De La Frontera, the League of Young Voters, and other community organizations as we respond to the proposal to slash the county board.

If enacted, the Sanfelippo/Darling proposal would mandate drastic cuts to the County Board ensuring that critical programs such as mental health services, mass transit, parks and recreation, and our criminal justice system will be incapable of best serving the needs of Milwaukee County Residents.

Milwaukee County residents shouldn't be fooled by Republican pro-democracy talking points. This process is nothing more than a sham. The referendum is being written in Madison by people who have an ax to grind against Milwaukee. It is being pushed by the conservative, pro-big business Greater Milwaukee Committee, and it will consolidate power in the hands of the very people who have a vested interest in controlling the resources of Milwaukee County without benefiting the people who live here.

The County Board has overridden vetoes of both Governor Walker and County Executive Able to protect vital social services, parks and public transportation. This proposal ends that critical system of checks and balances, consolidating power in the County Executive’s office.

WE MUST FIGHT BACK! Join us Wednesday as we demand that the State Legislature take this ridiculous proposal off the table and focus on creating jobs.

This proposal doesn't create a single job, doesn't put a single resident back to work, and does nothing to restore voters’ faith in state lawmakers ability to put the best interests of residents above party politics. We need more people working, not more partisan power grabs.


  1. I have to hand it to John Erpenbach (Middleton). I am paraphrasing here but he said that the rest of the state has no business dictating what happens in Milwaukee re the downsizing and making the positions on the Milwaukee County Board part time.

  2. Alec and GMC own our state legislature for the next two years. This will pass. I suggest the best option is to prepare for an Abele recall election and stop voting for fake Democrats like Abele and Clark.