Wednesday, January 9, 2013


i know that the Alex Jones Video has been getting alot of play lately.  To be honest, I have not even watched it and have no interest in doing so.  The guy is nuts so why waste my time.

The question I have is why does everyone make a big deal about him being so crazy?  Yet others just as crazy or unintelligent get to squeek by unnoticed and still pushing the crazy train.

While the examples are too many to count let's take a look at a few:

Fox News Greg Gutfeld:

Rush Limbaugh:

Our Own Senator Ron Johnson:

Michelle Bachmann:

Republican Super Hero Allan West:

Then of course there are local loons like Christian Schneider and Jim Wigderson who bring the crazy on a daily basis. So my question is who cares about Alex Jones, when there is just as much crazy everywhere else in the news and no one seems to pay attention to their BS!

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