Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walkergate: Pierick Takes A Plea Deal

From left to right: Tim Russell, Scott
Walker and Brian Pierick
As things were progressing for the last of the Walker Six, Brian Pierick, to have his trial start next week, he suddenly took a plea deal.

Pierick was originally charged with one count of child enticement (exposing himself to the child) and one count of exposing genitalia (getting the kid to expose himself for Pierick's sexual gratification).

In the plea deal, they amended the first charge to one charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and the other charge was dropped completely.

In exchange, Pierick pleaded guilty to the lesser charge. The plea deal also includes 50 hours of community service. The prosecutor will be recommending a fine of up to $10,000.

The charges against Pierick stemmed from the ongoing investigation into the illegal campaigning and other crimes committed by Scott Walker and his staff from both the county and his campaign.  The text messages and pictures were found on a phone jointly owned by Pierick and his domestic and business partner, Tim Russell.  Russell was just sentenced to two years in prison and five years extended supervision for embezzling money from a veterans fund.

Pierick's relation to Scott Walker was not as strong or as direct as the other people thus far arrested, charged and convicted.  However, he was a campaign aid for Walker and was eventually placed in the DPI due to Walker's influences.

Don't think for a minute that Walkergate or its effect will end when Pierick is sentenced on February 14.

Not only will there be more charges coming against more of the malefactors, but those who have already been convicted will still have their stench on things to come.


  1. I have to wonder: What king of community service is appropriate for a sex predator? The prosecutors must be in a hurry to move on to other matters.

    1. While your point is an appropriate view -- please be careful. This trial was going to take place in WALKERSHA and was certainly not a "slam dunk". While there are reports that a variety of nude boy's pics were found on these computers, the case he was charged with involved a teen that misrepresented himself as 19.

      And while Tim Russell was an unnamed co-conspirator and actually drove the van to pick up the teen boy -- no charges were issued. This may have little or nothing to do with moving on to "other" matters.

      Especially since there should have been enough leverage over Tim Russell's head given he participated in these crimes that he could have been compelled to cooperate instead of playing the lawyer-paloooza and delays which solely benefited scott walker.

      As capper has pointed out -- it appears that pierick got a cushy state job at a high pay classification, but russell got job titles with no increase in pay classification.

      Don't know what this means, but walker certainly could be more-connected with pierick than the public has been lead to believe. The pro-walker propaganda is reaching a screech -- witness the false media reports of Wisconsin's "surplus" even though scott walker put almost costing many millions. And outside of a short-term window, tax revenues will soon fall far short of expenditures.

      IMHO, we need to talk about what is happening, what it means, and be respectful that the john doe secrecy protects the integrity of the investigation and any resulting trial.

      It may be that since this case was in a solid walker-county and prosecuting took resources away from every other Milwaukee County DA office case (beyond john doe too) there was no reason to invest a lot here -- the media would have played an acquittal of pierick as an mark against the entire john doe probe and process.

      Little to gain taking a chance in waukesha and going through the entire discovery/trial process.

  2. While I am glad you stay on this and continue to tell the pubic that the propaganda in the media -- origination from scott walker and his allies -- is more than self-serving, its demonstratably FALSE!

    But I am concerned that you never touch on an important topic: SCOTT WALKER IS PART OF THE WALKER/BUSH FACIST CLAN.

    Not from the wealthy side, but his is a tool. America hasn't forgotten disaster that george WALKER bush created. His father, george herbert WAL:KER bush. a one-term president committed treason to get reagan elected -- negotiating with Iran over hostages and promising a better deal, undermining the President and official sovereignty power of the United States.

    And many know that prescott bush brought nixon into politics and we know how that administration worked out -- disgrace -- though curiously, the public was never allowed to know what the bigger crimes he covered up were. (i.e. what was the "bay of pigs thing" on the tapes?)

    prescott bush, an alcoholic, was brought into the walker family by marriage -- george herbert WALKER married his daughter, Dorothy, off to him. prescott bush, once brought into the WALKER fold helped bring Hitler to power and financed the nazi war machine. prescott bush was part of a cabal that made sure Hitler had access to U.S. proprietary formulas for artificial rubber and oil -- this is what the nazi war machine ran on.

    prescott bush was part of a group of fascists that plotted a coup against FDR.

    But remember, prescott, was doing george herbert WALKER's bidding -- and george herbert WALKER had harriman and other "old" money behind him -- he was their frontman.


    scottie has been anointed and is being groomed for bigger things -- people need to consider the seriousness of what a politician like scott walker can inflict on the rest of us -- all why hiding behind false proclaimations of a "mandate".

    People need to start considering that unless more are paying attention and demanding justice -- it will again be denied.

    Your work here is important, capper, and the facts do show that we will see more about Walkergate -- but terrible things can be done in the meantime and the propaganda will get much worse.

    Walker is nothing more than a puppet that has to do what his billionaire backers tell him to do in order to keep cash rolling into his criminal defense fund -- for walker, there is no turning back.

    Don't believe the media propaganda about a "new" and "moderate" walker -- not possible -- he is over his head and the current mining bill travesty demonstrates this.

    Is scott walker a big enough dooooooofus that he will be the first WALKER/BUSH klansman that pays a price for his criminality?

    It won't happen if we don't demand it.

    1. you need to go to the conspiracy web sites with your theorys. you might get alot more action on your claims.

  3. ummmmm...

    you must be rather dim, screamingmoron, ooops! screaming eagle...

    Walker's associates are GOING TO PRISON and the DA's office has indicated there were collaborators, actually CO-CONSPIRATORS!


    But then people's who's blog of choice are Lily-kayda and the Tale of the Terrorizing Tumor really have no credibility making judgements about historical facts anyhow!

    Thanks for trollin' and stay tuned for MORE WALKERGATE FUN!

    It is a historical fact that on multiple occassions george WALKER bush and scott WALKER refer to each other as COUSINS!

    And, in 2010, george WALKER bush made an unannounced stop at scott WALKER's largest in-state billionare donor in Beloit.

    As I said -- the interests behind them are the same, but the WALKER/BUSH klan treason is all on the historical record for thos that can read more than "skippy the kangaroo" or whatever other lame blogs you choose to follow

    1. Dude, calm down. You're not persuading anyone with the spastic cap locks and the way out conspiracy. BTW, it's much bigger than the Bushes.