Sunday, January 27, 2013

RoJo was a NoGo

Ron Johnson (R - class rings)  had a very bad week! As a matter of fact he had the worst week in Washington DC.  He bit off more than he could chew when he tried to attack Secretary Clinton and then Senator Kerry!  

Our Dumb Senator, then tried to get into with John Kerry and again was fed his lunch:

But really as we know, anytime RoJo tries to speak in public it never goes well for him!   

For the record, Ron Johnson believes affordable contraception is easily distributed over the Internet, thinks "sunspot activity" is responsible for global warming, believes the Great Recession ended before President Obama took office; and sees public investment in alternative energy as roughly the same thing as "the Soviet Union."
 The thing is, RoJo will gladly be the laughing stock of all of the country, because he know got a line that the echo chamber can use when they want to throw out red meat to the crazies!  

They have what they want: a soundbite they can rip from context and use as a cudgel to beat the administration and Secretary Clinton with. I’m not sure if they really expect their efforts to color mainstream coverage of this story, but it’s clear that that’s what they’re hoping. They have a new “you didn’t build that,” a new “spread the wealth around,” and they’re going to wring everything they can out of it.
 How do we know that this analysis is spot on?  Check the crazy right wing blogs that are incapable of their own thoughts.  

Looks like it worked as planned here and here!   How heavy is that water?  


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