Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Supervisor Deanna Alexander Sheds Crocodile Tears

In the ongoing power grab attempt by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and his merry band of plutocrats at the Greater Milwaukee Committee, at least one Milwaukee County Supervisor, Deanna Alexander, has offered herself up like a sacrificial lamb.

In her effort to help destroy Milwaukee County government in favor a totalitarian plutocracy, she went running to Dan Bice complaining of hostility from her fellow supervisors.

Her complaint broke down to three things:
  • She alleges that was denied permission by Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic to send out a press release for a town hall she wanted to hold,
  • She alleges she was forced to lie about allegedly being denied sending the release by Dimitrijevic, and
  • She alleges that Supervisor John Weishan yelled at her, making her feel "bruised" after their discussion.
The only problem is that anyone can see that none of these hold water.

It took me maybe all of fifteen seconds to see that Alexander sent her press release for the town hall.  She also sent a joint release with Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl advocating for the destruction of all local governments in favor of regional ones.

In fact, her web page shows that Alexander has had no problems whatsoever sending out a press release with almost as much frequency as Scott Walker or Bob Donovan.

As for Alexander's second allegation, she got caught in a lie and tried to play it this way:
When word of the kerfuffle began to circulate, Alexander misled the Journal Sentinel by saying there were no problems. She retracted that explanation last week, saying Dimitrijevic urged her to mislead the media.

"I was told to send that to you," Alexander said.

Dimitrijevic disputed Alexander's remarks.

"As for any emails she's sending or retracting, I have no control over any of them," Dimitrijevic said in an email. "Supervisor Alexander writes and sends them at her own discretion."
Does Alexander really expect us to believe that after sending out press releases for a year, she is suddenly unable to do anything on her own and is getting bullied by Dimitrijevic?

I wonder if she also blames Dimitrijevic for writing glowing accolades of Scott Walker during her campaign and then suddenly and inexplicably scrubbing them.

In other words, Alexander is no stranger to going back on her words and making things up as she goes along.

As for the alleged run in with Weishan, I'm almost lost for words.

Did Alexander really expect that if she came in telling her colleagues they suck, that they don't deserve to get paid or have any authority at all, they would carry her on their shoulders and throw a parade for her?  Considering the way she trash talked Tracey Corder during her election campaign, I really doubt that she is all that tender-hearted.

Furthermore, it seems unlikely that she is all that concerned about a hostile work environment.  This is especially true given that she works with several LGBT community members, yet did not hesitate to proudly support the anti-gay Chick-Fil-A Day in Racine.

Given the evidence, including her long history of lying, bigotry and deception, it is shockingly apparent that this is just another example of her dishonesty.

Even the fact that she is willing to sacrifice herself to help blow up county government is not a shocker.  Her own website says that she wants to "rebrand" county government, like it's a sort of business.  Alexander doesn't even hold enough regard for the county or her constituents to hold her election day parties in the county, much less her own district.

I would suggest that Alexander focus on building up her community and trying to get some economic activity going on in her district - things that the people want, deserve and sorely need - instead of trying to tear down the rest of the county.


  1. “It’s time to Rebrand Milwaukee” Supervisor Alexander's website says.

    But what's there to be said for her own "brand?"

    If integrity, intelligence and intellectual acumen were measured in units of pastry, she would be a Twinkie. (Or maybe a Ho-Ho or a Ding-Dong.) All of the whipped lard, cholesterol, and chemicals, but none of the refinement, flavor or taste.

  2. I am pretty sure it was not Alexander who ran to Bice, but Abele in an attempt to make it look like the County Board is fighting with themselves.

  3. so cuz shes a conservative that makes it ok for Marina and Weishan to bully her like that?
    its truly disgusting the lengths you libs will go to to defend a bully like Marina who thinks she runs the place.
    how much does Marina pay you hacks to defend her?

  4. 12:31 if Sup. Alexander were remotely conservative she wouldn't be helping the Bradley Foundation and the GMC try to injure the best access the voters have to County government, the legislative branch.

    If it had not been for former Sup. Lynn DeBruin, John Chianelli would still be in charge of the Mental Health Complex. Karl Strelnick, M.D. would still be billing Medicaid to sexually assault his female patients. Violent male patients would still be free to impregnate female patients. "Patients in Peril." "Out of chaos, a baby is born"

    Scott Walker didn't stop that. Tim Russell didn't stop it. Kelly Rindfleisch didn't stop it. It was a County Supervisor.

    Speaking of the GMC, who was so outspoken on County Supervisors, why have they not weighed in on Sheriff Clarke's comments?

  5. I don't know how much Supervisor Alexander is intending on sacrificing herself for the cause of "rebranding" County government.

    In the notice I received from her about the town hall meeting she says.
    ... I am not opposed to reforms and welcome the challenge to make our government leaner and more efficient. I campaigned on the notions of "Rebranding Milwaukee County" and "Servant Leadership" and am working hard to operate as such. Since this proposed law would directly cut my compensation and my department's operating budget by over 70%, and would necessitate reducing the amount of time that I would spend working for you on County matters, I write to ask for your opinion."

    It seems to me that if her staff is being cut it would "necessitate" that she actually does more work herself not less.

    I don't know what she means by "Servant Leadership" either. If she is trying to find out what an angry mob wants and do what the angry mob wants we could just elect a sock puppet. I always thought that leadership meant that sometimes you go against what the mob "wants" if the results are the most beneficial to what the mob "needs".

  6. WRT "Servant Leadership," this might be a clue

    "From those advocating abortion rights and homosexuality to infidelity in marriage and blatant disrespect for those in authority, the values that the United States of America was founded on appear to be dying a quick death."