Thursday, January 17, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Weeks 14 + 15: Great Scrod!

Sorry for being so late with this, especially since there is good news, but like many people around the state and the country, the capper clan has been dealing with the flu and other medical emergencies this week.

Anyway, last week, as the gentle eater is aware, was the 14th week of the Solidarity Fish Fry, where we show our support for the besieged and beleaguered union workers at Serb Hall in Milwaukee.  Management at Serb Hall have been trying their damnedest to break the union there, although it appears their best isn't going to be good enough.

I had the distinct pleasure of dining with Lisa Kaiser of the Shepherd Express, one of the best reporters in Wisconsin, and her friend, Joseph Ohm, a union thug in his own right.

Also joining us was Kevin Kopplin and Tanya Pohill:

These two paid me one of the greatest compliments I have ever received by just being there.  It was Tanya's birthday and Kevin had an extremely rare Friday night off from work.  To celebrate, Tanya wanted to come all the way from Watertown to participate in the Solidarity Fish Fry and they both were hoping to meet me.  I felt truly honored.

But it wasn't being among friends and people I admire that made the evening, even though that would have made it exceptional by any measure.

The tartar sauce on the fish was when I learned of a new sign posted in the employees' break room, which some of my devilish spies sought out for us.  The sign brought a cheer to my throat, a smile to my face and maybe even a tear to my eye:

It is a list of things that Serb Hall's management has to do as a result of the charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board.  It's difficult to read in this picture, for which I apologize, but it includes things like respecting the union workers, bargaining in good faith and that sort of thing.

Boy, the must've really curdled their clam chowder to have to do that!

So as we move into week 15 of the Solidarity Fish Fry, I hope that you will join me, Randy Bryce* and the rest of us in celebrating with - what else - a good old fish fry served by some of the best dang servers in the state.

And tell them that Cog Dis sent ya.

*And if you don't happen to see Tsar of Tartar at Serb Hall, you just might want to head of the street to the local pharmacy, where he's been spotted lately:


  1. Quite surprised to see zero mention of the weekly surprise, chicken gizzard stew.

  2. What time...I may have a free night.