Tuesday, January 29, 2013

True School Choice!

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker blows his dog whistle, by declaring this week "school choice" week and guess what......

The dogs come running! and thy are all trying to bark as loudly as they can to be the one dog noticed in a pack of rabid astroturf! 

There was this, this and this to start and of course when the Governor needs to say something, Astroturf in Action rolls out the money and the red carpet to him!  

It is time to stop the massive grab for our children's education funds!  

For our factually challenged friends, we already have school choice,  For those who want to just steal our childrens education money for your own bank account - yes I mean you Scooter Jensen: Go climb under the floorboards where you belong!!

For the rest of you who truly care about (Y)our children's education, let us make sure that they are fully funded.   We can make sure that ALL of our kids,  get a solid education by funding our public schools.  We can make it so when we speak of "school choice" that means that our kids can choose between different languages, or a business department or Physics or advanced Biology.  Let us have enough staff to help the teachers and the students who need it.  Let the schools be fully staffed in nurses, counselors, social workers, etc ... to make sure and be able to help the kids who so desperately need it! let's stop with the stadardized tests and pay our teachers when they advance their careers academically.

That is TRUE school Choice, not the snake oil Scooter and Scotty are trying to sell us.


  1. Must be a pretty awfully dumbed-down electrorate to have catapulted this moron into office. THANK A TEEEECHER!

    They should all get huge raises for producing a huge mass of stooooopid anti-intellectual nimwits.

    Let's let them run our schools too -- SOLIDARITY IS FOR THE STOOOOOPID!

    Let's go down to the sing-along so that brandon can rat us out for what we say and sing (NOTE: The self-proclaimed "leader" IS FINKING ON OTHER SINGERS!)

    1. This is a strange comment. My understanding was that the solidarity singers has no leader. I don't think you should blame the fiscal irresponsibility of the present state administration on teachers. They are the ones on the side of the taxpayer and fiscal responsibility.

      Maybe you are being sarcastic? I don't get it, I guess my sense of humor is wearing down these days.

  2. One of the problems with the giving away of our state tax money to businesses, school choice people and religious schools is that communities are forced to make up the difference at the local level, so our total taxes are going up, not down and we have less to show for it, because of all the cuts at the schools.

  3. One of the problems with the voucher system and certain charter schools is that they get unsuspecting parents to sign away their children's rights to special education, then when it doesn't work, they go back to the public school, but the school doesn't receive the funding.

  4. Religious schools and charter schools would be ok with me if, the public school funding wasn't cut because it serves more kids and if the religious schools and charter schools were held accountable and had to follow basic regulations.

    I also don't think "for-profit" education is a good idea. There is an obvious conflict of interest, in that, the person doing the grading of the student is the same person who benefits from the student staying in the school, thus, grade inflation, etc., etc. And there are too many cases of charters that are just rip off organizations.

    I know some charters are good- I am all for healthy competition based on real educational research and what is best for kids.

  5. For-profit education is a great idea, as people profit for doing a good job of teaching the kids. This is in sharp contrast to traditional failed public schools, where the profits go to greedy underworked and overpaid union thugs.