Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Numbers Don't Lie, But Walker Sure Does

I have repeatedly pointed out in this here blog that Scott Walker's job numbers are really much worse than advertised.  The right wing media gives him credit for creating some 37,000 jobs since taking office.  I still hold that many of those jobs were due to the carryover effect of Governor Jim Doyle's budget and policies, as this chart clearly demonstrates:

But even if you give Walker the benefit of the doubt, he is still doing a pathetic job in addressing the most overwhelming issue facing this state.  It's even worse when one considers how he conned the voters into thinking that he would create 250,000 jobs in his first term.  What he has done is worse than if he had done nothing at all!

And as a textbook example of that which I speak, this story from last year has bubbled up to the top of the Cheddarspere again showing just how far Walker is willing to go to take credit for Doyle's hard work:
With that in mind, welcome to this week’s episode in the stirring adventures of Scott Walker – the ‘truth challenged’ Governor of Wisconsin.

Today’s chapter involves the Curt Manufacturing Company, a large manufacturer of trailer hitches located near Eau Claire, Wisconsin where the Governor traveled last week – with news cameras and writers in tow – to make a big fuss about providing the funding that will create 125 new jobs at the company.

No problem there. Anytime a new job is created in this country, that is reason, indeed, for a celebration.

In a news release, Walker said –
This project directly creates 125 new jobs and indirectly creates 129 jobs, resulting in $12.6million in annual wages right here in Wisconsin. By providing these funds, we are bringing quality jobs to Wisconsin while improving road access to Curt Manufacturing’s expanded facility.

Via Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
Way to go Governor!

And by ‘Governor’, I am, of course, referring to Governor Jim Doyle, Walker’s Democratic predecessor who is the one actually responsible for arranging the funding that created the 125 jobs.

In a December, 2010 press release (prior to Walker taking office) the Wisconsin Department of Commerce in the Doyle Administration announced that they were awarding Curt Manufacturing the $400,000 in tax credits and $11 million in tax-free bonds that would create the 125 new jobs.

It gets better. Where do you imagine this funding came from?

A transportation grant created in the dreaded Obama stimulus program-the very legislation Governor Walker never misses an opportunity to trash.

So confusing was the dog and pony show Walker created to take credit for someone else’s work, the media actually found themselves confused. Was Walker announcing 125 jobs in addition to the 125 the media knew the Doyle Administration had already created?

“That’s unfortunately not accurate,” said Jim McKissick, the spokesman for Curt Manufacturing.

When the Governor’s office handled the matter in its typically disingenuous way (pretending there was nothing to see here), Commerce Secretary Paul Jardin stepped into the breach and made the effort to explain it away by blaming the confusion on Curt Manufacturing.

Generally, the press releases or press conferences are tied around when the company wants to do something,” Jadin said. “Obviously, they want to do it with a governor present. That’s probably what occurred here.

Yes, that is probably what happened here.

Clearly the Governor was caught in an odd situation where the receiver of the grant wanted whatever Governor was in office to show up in person to highlight the good news coming to Eau Claire.

Or not – or at least not according to the president of Curt Manufacturing, Curt Tamborino.

“Walker’s office had called and said they wanted to do this final presentation with a press release in front of the media,” Tamborino said Friday.
Is there anything Walker won't lie about?


  1. So Walker lobbies Curt Manufacturing to take credit for the jobs that Doyle created???

    Sure wish they'd hurry up with the John Doe! I am sick of this two-faced, four-flushing, snake-in-the-grass! (Feel free to insert the Clark W. Griswold "Christmas Vacation" tirade here!)

  2. If Walker says the sky is blue ya best go outside & look for yourself. If Walkers lips are moving you can pretty much bet he is telling another one of his many lies

  3. Hope The People are made aware of this Poser we call Scott Walker. Give credit where credit is due. I would think he would be embarrassed for taking someone else's thunder. I wonder what Walkers Major was at Marquette when he dropped out? Acting? If one of my kids went to College and dropped out before graduating, I would find a new home for my foot.

    1. Can you imagine Scott Walker, a few short months from graduation at Marquette University, and, after probably $100,000 in tuition paid by his parents... says to his parents: "Mom, Dad, I'm dropping out to start a family" At this point, a typical parent finds a new home for their foot. So, we're to believe this little lie...when Scott Walker FINALLY gets married THREE YEARS LATER??!? Maybe his parents are idiots but the rest of the world is NOT, I can assure you. Scott Kraemer, you are spot on!

  4. He didn't 'DROP Out'; he was 'kicked' out for 'illegal Campaign tactics' & wouldn't cease, when he ran for 'student president office'* at Marquette University. [*Google Search & check it out. I believe that was the elected office position. But check out for more.] And there is more as well,,,regarding his then,'girl-friend' who got pregnant. But, he's a disaster for Wisconsin anyway you dice it.

    1. Yeah, that whole love child nonsense was thoroughly debunked. We've got more than enough to work with already and don't need to damage our credibility with the made up stuff.

  5. I think Obama and Doyle are to be thanked for the stimulus jobs. I am not that interested in what Guv Walker did at Marquette and am more interested in what is currently going on. I don't believe the love child idea, but, even if that had happened, it wouldn't matter to me. I care more about Medicaid expansion, unions, fair treatment of public employees and the poor, gerrymandering. I am all for federal spending in Wisconsin, because I think we have paid federal tax dollars and should get something back. I would like to see Wisconsin become a leader in climate change science and clean energy, sustainable living,that kind of thing.

  6. Only problem with you post is that to walker's inner circle and his out-of-state multinational corporate backers -- THIS IS SUCCESS!

    Each economic failure is justification for more corporate welfare! His entire agenda is based on ginning up fiscal and economic-growth crisises and then exploiting the situation he created to pay back his donors.

    And now he's more dangerous -- the donors he needs are those giving to his criminal defense fund. They have a noose around him now, but walker is happy to oblige.

    Of course walker lies -- no one can speak the truth about economic terrism and how this is used to enforce austerity on the masses and more cash give-aways to the wealthiest.

    So scott walker's lies are not really our problem -- the media across the state that echos and amplifies the lies are.

    To walker --- your graph is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED because this enables more divide and conquer politics.

  7. No offense intended Capper but the juxtaposition of your last four post made me LOL.

    How is possible for the likes of:

    1. "Republican Funnies A collection of republican craziness" AND
    2. "The Barron County GOP Rides Again .... moronic conspiracy theory". AND
    3. "Sykes Prepares To Fleece The Herd.... take(s) his aggregate web site... behind the pay wall.

    How is possible for the RWNJ sheep / lemmings of your first three articles to have the mental capacity to clearly comprehend and accept the factual point you try to raise it this post..........

    ....... "those (37,00 Walker) jobs were due to the carryover effect of Governor Jim Doyle's budget and policies, as this chart clearly demonstrates:"

    Forget about the chart, it is a pipe dream to believe that they would be capable of understanding and accepting the real numbers.

    Sheep, lemmings what's the difference they will all someday walk off the edge following the liar that sits in the office with the name John Doe on the door.

  8. Remember Karl Rove, he drank his own Kool-Aid and died on election night. Try to game the truth and eventually you'll be gamed,just ask Lucy!