Saturday, January 19, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 15: Carpy Diem

Tonight was week 15 of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

To be honest, I had thought about not going.  I was exhausted after a long week filled with illness, stress and some very, very long days.  I wasn't particularly hungry.  And the people I usually eat with weren't coming.

But it wasn't about me, it's about showing solidarity with the union staff at Serb Hall, who have been under attack my the management there in an effort to break their union.

And there was cause to celebrate.  So I went anyway, despite by desire to only go home and take a nap.

And I'm glad I went.

The place was packed, with the majority of people at the union tables, which is the way it has been for the previous fourteen weeks.

There were some familiar faces and I was able to meet some new friends.

I dined with Maxine, an AFSCME sister and Rob, a AFT brother, who I had met during the very first week of the Solidarity Fish Fry:

There was one of the Progressive Democrats of America and her husband:

I also got to meet Ellen Holly, who was dining with Randy Bryce.  Well, she was dining, he was showing why he is the Tsar of Tartar:

As wonderful as it was to meet and speak with so many great people, even Randy, the most moving moment of the evening was seeing this on Victoria's apron:

It's good to win once in a while.

Hopefully they will soon be able to negotiate a contract in good faith that will be beneficial to both sides.

Then everyone will win.

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