Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mass Shooting On Gun Appreciation Day Leaves Five Dead

On Saturday, while the gun nuts were celebrating Gun Appreciation Day, there was a mass shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which left five people dead, including three children:
A slaughter was discovered at a Albuquerque, New Mexico home on Saturday, five are dead (two adults and three children) and a teen has been charged and is being held in the murders.

CNN cites Deputy Aaron Williamson, a spokesman for the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department who said each victim had been shot multiple times.

The report adds that "several guns were found inside the home, including a "military-style" rifle he said had been used in the crime."
One of the dead has been identified as a Fire Department chaplain, who also worked for 13 years with inmates a the prison.

I'm waiting for Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA to come out and tell us how America needs to have a highly-trained, well-armed tactical officer in each and every home around the clock.

You know that the Republicans would go along with this, and not just for the NRA campaign donations and endorsements. This way, they can make sure the gays aren't having gay sex, that women aren't using birth control, that people aren't practicing critical thinking, and that no one has any money of their own.

I would suspect that they would put Police Chief Wiggums Erwin in charge of this operation. After all, he's used to coming to people's homes in the dark of the night to intimidate them and punish them for using their First Amendment rights.

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  1. In Fond du Lac on Saturday at the County Fairgrounds Expo building a gun show occurred, the Milwaukee media reporting it as having long lines of gun enthusiasts buying up weapons they fear will be outlawed. They quoted one guy saying "people are scared..." as the rationale for these people buying up large caliber, semi-automatic (which can easily be made automatic) assault rifles, with big ammo magazines.
    I honestly am scared of these gun nuts having these dangerous weapons. It does not make me feel any safer. There is no way these guns are needed for hunting or protecting their homes. These guns are made for one thing only, to kill large numbers of people. They can be truly called weapons of mass destruction.