Thursday, January 24, 2013

Protest the Plutocrats' Party

Citizens Action of Wisconsin and We Are Milwaukee have joined forces to hold a protest outside of a fund raiser the plutocrats at the Greater Milwaukee Committee, not to mention their sockpuppet Chris Abele, are holding in an effort to buy state Republicans to pass this horrible bill which would end representative government in Milwaukee County.  Hell, it will end Milwaukee County as Abele sells off everything to his corporate friends.  

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You can find their Facebook page for the event here.


  1. You're right Chris just look at the other 71 counties that have part-time boards are fascist dictatorships, as is every other large urban county like Allegheny in Pennsylvania or Cuyahoga or Franklin in Ohio...

    Wait what? They're not? They're perfectly functional?

    Then you have no point at all do you other than to defend the status quo, which is incredibly wasteful and dysfunctional?

    1. You mean the other 71 counties that pay their supervisors the same rate - $1 per constituent? You forget to mention that Milwaukee County has so many amenities and services that they don't have, such as the zoo, the airport, the museums, the mental health complex and the house of correction. Seems like we have a real bargain with our supervisors.

  2. 8:01,

    If it weren't for Sup. Lynne De Bruin, John Chianelli would still be in charge of the Mental Health Complex. Karl Strelnick, M.D. would still be billing Medicaid to sexually assault patients. Violent, sexual predators would still be getting patients pregnant.

    "Functional?" What are they doing that Milwaukee County is not?
    Please be specific.

    Please explain how the Founders were WRONG when they divided government among three co-equal branches.

    Please explain what legislation the County Supervisors are holding up.

    Why are you hiding behind a handle? If you think the Supervisors are so "incredibly wasteful and dysfunctional," why not put your name behind it?

  3. 8:01,

    Condominium owners in the same building/sub division routinely elect one person to arbitrate their disagreements and negotiate with local government.

    Colleges put a "Residence Advisor," on each floor of a dormitory.

    Are these "incredibly wasteful, and disfunctional" too?

  4. 8:01

    What about County Sheriffs?

    Are they "incredibly wasteful and dysfunctional" too?

  5. My identity is not important to the argument at hand. If you want to hide behind that, less power to you.

    There's no reason to believe a part-time board wouldn't have caught the issues that led to Mr. Chianelli's dismissal, and you have no evidence to the contrary. I've seen part-time boards in other counties identify problems and get them changed. Further, the executives for which administrators work are elected, so changes can and will be made.

    Your argument about the founding fathers is laughable. The founding fathers were talking about the federal government. Thousands of counties nationwide exist with no executive branch. If you were logically consistent you'd be calling for County Executives in every county; somehow I doubt we'll be seeing you make that argument anytime soon. I wonder if I can find you making an argument in support of the Board's plan to eliminate the Executive and install an administrator a few years ago...

    What are the Supervisors holding up? How long do you have? Saving money by sharing services, developing a pointless downtown facility, selling vacant land, improving the fiscal situation, on and on and on.

    Do you have any evidence that other counties state and nationwide that have smaller or part-time boards have devolved into fascist dictatorships? Do you have any evidence that making the board part-time is the same as eliminating it (the laws of physics seem to disagree with you)?

    Do you have anything other than emotional attachment to the status quo?

  6. Condos and dorms are irrelevant to this issue. Some Sheriffs are wasteful but that has little to do with their elected status. The board would still be elected, right?

    Do you actually have an argument in support of the status quo that makes any sense?

  7. You want to see a fascist dictatorship? Look at the state legislature's mining hearing, held 300 miles from the people affected, with a 2-minute limit for speakers, except the almighty mining company representative, who spoke for more than an hour. The goal is the same: a hostile corporate takeover of the government, with a CEO/executive and a legislative body that acts like a corporate board, just showing up occasionally to say "yes, boss."

    1. And that is what they are trying to do here as well.