Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Do We Judge Thee?

By Jeff Simpson

Let me count the ways! 

We discussed this morning the fact that the republicans, with some help from some very misguided democrats, have decided to change the FoodShare program. 

The big government republicans, are now deciding what foods almost a million Wisconsinites can and can not purchase.  

They of course came upon their conclusions using no science or knowledge of nutrition whatsoever.   We pointed out, correctly, that this bill was not about hoping the poor in WI get better food choices, but it was simply about piling on the poor and judging them as unworthy.   It really however, goes even deeper than that.  

It falls on the back of an elitist group of people in our country judging those whom they feel are too fat.  

We have seen numerous examples of it, from when Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner let the world know he felt Michelle Obama's butt was too big,  to viewers writing Jennifer Livingston in La Crosse to tell her she was too heavy, to the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch making it clear he does not want fat girls wearing his product!     Republican speaker Robin Vos even expressed fake outrage that he once saw poor people use food stamps to buy WEDDING CAKE(although to be fair, we are not sure if Vos was more disgusted that poor people were eating cake or the institution of marriage). 

Now they are judging people some more by assuming that all poor people are fat because they are buying junk at the store (with 'our' money).   Well Robin Vos, with the help of 13 democrats, were able to make sure that no one in the lower earnings scale will ever buy wedding cake again!  

Unfortunately, we know that no matter what we do, people that are perceived as overweight, especially women, will continue to be judged. 

Luckily, we have people like Jennifer Livingston and Brittany Gibbons to help balance this!  

So now we know that this bill is a kick in the face to the million people on FoodShare program and a nice way to judge 'those people'  who Robin Vos feels should lose weight! 

Is there anyone but judgemental old white men from Waukesha County that sees the merit of this bill?  

Besides , of course,  Peter Barca who is desperately trying to permanently establish a democratic minority in WI.


  1. See what happens when big government meddles in people's lives?

    Next thing you know is the liberals will ban the purchase of 32 oz sodas by people who earn their own money.

    Oh, the outrage...

    1. Bloomberg is NOT a liberal, and when he proposed that the righties showed major fake outrage.

      Looks to me they were only pissed that he beat them to the punch.

      This was a serious fail...try harder next time please!

    2. Because people's lives are equivalent to an extra large soda. Got it.


  2. It's hard to believe that the idiot authors of this bill would label a Wisconsin cheese such as "sharp cheddar" junk, while endorsing sliced "American" cheese as healthy. Is Kraft throwing some money around in the assembly?

    This is quite an insult to our dairy and cheese-making industries. Thank you Republicans, Go, Go, Go! More of this stupidity, please.

    1. But-they aren't going to allow limits on sugary drink sales lol

  3. What's so idiotic is that as a FoodShare recipient, I have to (according to this bill) eat my fair share of Dairy, when I'm somewhat lactose intolerant as is everyone in my family, some more than others. Who knows what else they will try to turn around...
    I eat as healthy as I am able to with the pittance they give me each month but without it I'd starve as I'm disabled and unable to work.
    I have many medical issues. Friggen Repugs want to control my vagina and my diet too? What's next? This just smacks of ignorance! I raised two kids as a single mother and we had healthy meals each day on what I earned as I didn't get help from the government and now in my Senior years I have to have someone tell me how to buy food? Please!
    Get these arses out of office and say no to this bill!