Friday, May 3, 2013

Paul Ryan's Race Baiting

If you believe the corporate media and other right wing nut jobs, Paul Ryan is easing up on his position on immigration as he gears up for a presidential run.

You could have fooled me:

From Think Progress, the source of the video (emphasis theirs):
That’s what they call it, anchor babies. It’s a person who comes and has a child here, if you’re born here you’re a naturalized citizen. You have to change the constitution. There’s a little bit of legal debate about whether you have to or not. I think it comes down fairly clearly that you have to change the constitution to change the definition of citizenship to not being born here or being born with legal parents. That will take a long, long time, years [...] But it’s really treating a symptom, right. People are coming across the border illegal or overstaying their visas. Therefore illegal immigration is fairly easy, and then people are having what’s called anchor babies.
Someone needs to get in touch with Reince Priebus and ask him how his whole reaching out to minorities is working out for him.


  1. To my knowledge, that's the second time in less than a year that Ryan has made an overtly racist statement. Not long after losing his VP bid but winning re-election to Congress on the same night, Ryan blamed his VP loss on the "urban vote".

  2. Seriously, Paul Ryan is contemplating a presidential run? All current buffoonery aside, this is the same guy who couldn't even get elected vice president - a race that was surely lost due to his own irrationality as well as that of his running mate. He stands as much chance of getting elected to the presidency as does our chief "Rock Star."
    Laughable on its face.