Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Question

By Jeff Simpson

If Rick Gudex, as a full time brand new State Senator, has the time to home school his kids, aren't we downsizing the wrong governmental body?


  1. Quick answer - married, could be that wife handles that.

    1. Then he doesn't think very highly of his wife. He said he cant wait to pass vouchers so he can use taxpayer money to send his kids to private school.

  2. It is odd that he wants the voucher expansion to include his hometown of Fond du Lac. He must not understand that the students that pull out of public schools will have a negative impact on the FDL school system budget. The impact? It will require them to raise local property taxes. Of course, he does understand that the campaign funding that he received from AFP requires him to vote the way they tell him too. Too bad. He had shown early promise.

  3. He understand it quite well. he said he home schools his kids and wants the vouchers expanded to his hometown so he can use taxpayer money to send his kids to private school.

  4. Jeff.
    Got it. So HE gets $7000 per kid if vouchers work for him in FDL. No self-interest in that vote, and, he'll probably be hoping for ten years of failing FDL schools so he can continue to receive state funding?

    On the other hand, I reread your question. Maybe you were referring to HIS oversized government body? And wondered how it is logical for an overweight high school grad to decide what foods are best for food share recipients who are down on their luck? Although, fat guys do tend to know a lot about food.