Saturday, May 4, 2013

Send CRG A Message

As I reported a few days ago, the horribly misnamed group, Citizens for Responsible Government, is joining up with Charlie Sykes to push for Chris Abele's Plutocracy Bill.

Response mustn't be too good, since they had to send out an email blast to promote their stunt, including sending one to me. (Thank you to all you liberals who buried my inbox making sure I knew about it.  Why they sent it to liberals, I'll never understand. But they've never been known for being too bright.)

The email in itself is an interesting piece of propaganda.

It starts out with some cheap graphics:

Given the overreaching nature of the Plutocracy bill, it causes one to wonder if they mean "fix" as in repair, or "fix" as in getting your pet fixed.  I doubt that either of the members of CRG have enough brain cells to rub together to have thought this through.

Indeed, the rest of the email proves that out.

It starts out with this:
10 years ago, we learned the Milwaukee County Board couldn’t be trusted.  That tough lesson cost taxpayers over $200 million and promised reform, never happened.
As I pointed out in the previous report, Scott Walker had given a sworn deposition leading up to the Mercer trial, in which he testified that the Board was innocent of the conspiracy and that it all came from the executive's office and the faulty information given by them and by Mercer.

By the way, I also predicted that they wouldn't figure that out, much less bring it up.  My perfect track record continues unbroken.

Next up on their hit parade of talking points:
A decade later, Chairman Dimitrijevic lies to us about secret, illegal negotiations, and cons us with more fake reform.  Sounds a lot like Tom Ament.
Would someone tell the two dumb asses at CRG that Marina Dimitrijevic is a woman, thus making her Chairwoman, not Chairman, of the Board?

And when you're telling them this, also point out that it's their sponsor, Chris Abele, whose fingerprints are all over this alleged scandal.  That's the same guy they want to make emperor.

And finally, there is this:
Opponents of reform claim state legislation interferes with local control. 
The TRUTH: the bill allows a referendum to be put to a vote, a right most Wisconsin counties have...but not Milwaukee County. 
Demand real, guaranteed reform!

Actually, if the state continues with their plan to destroy our democracy and our representative government, the damage will be done long before any referendum hits the polling booth.  No one is buying this anymore with the apparent exception of these two schmucks.

It's also ironic that they are holding their dog and pony show demanding "real,
guaranteed reform" on the same day that the County Board is voting on an override of Abele's veto of real, guaranteed reform.  Go figure.

This kind of insidious lying and personal attacks will continue unless they are called out.

So please fell free to call them out on their lies, their sockpuppetry and for their efforts to ruin the local democracy and economy.  You can reach them at or at 414-801-0800.

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  1. You have all the liberal deflections in here. Good job. Fact remains that if you care more about this, "Would someone tell the two dumb asses at CRG that Marina Dimitrijevic is a woman, thus making her Chairwoman, not Chairman, of the Board?" than the fact she is a lying beetch you're a fool.

    Next you will want to use the word penwomanship when referring to a woman's writing?