Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Marathon County Fix Is In

If the gentle reader will recall, a few weeks ago, tragedy struck the Marathon County Jail.

Due to the predictable results of Marathon County Administrator Brad Karger's agenda of austerity, the county jail is severely short staffed and dangerously overcrowded, which led to extremely unsafe conditions.

Sadly, Correction Officer Julie Christensen ended up paying the price for Karger's austerity when she was savagely struck by an inmate.  She's been in intensive care ever since.

After the assault, Karger and Chief Deputy Scott Parks teamed up to cover up the role that their austerity and neglect played in the tragedy.  Parks was a willing partner in this because he was hoping that Scott Walker would name him to replace the recently retired sheriff.

Sad to say, corruption still reigns in Fitzwalkerstan, and it looks like Parks will get his wish granted:

For a very short time Monday, this photograph was posted on a Facebook page for Trinity Lutheran School in Wausau showing Marathon County’s Chief Deputy Scott Parks and his wife Theresa posing with Governor Scott Walker, indicating Parks has been selected to succeed Randy Hoenisch as Marathon County Sheriff. The posting was taken down after about an hour. 
Twitter postings have implied Governor Walker was planning an official announcement of Parks as the new sheriff this coming Wednesday. So far, no comment from Parks or Governor Walker.
As outrageous as this bit of news is, I have a feeling that Parks is yet going to learn the true meaning of the old adage: Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it.

If you wish to help Correction Officer Julie Christensen, there has been a trust fund established in her name at Integrity First Bank, 101 Grand Avenue, Wausau, WI 54403.  Their phone number is  (715) 845-0900.


  1. It is amazing that you have to hear about this from the nontraditional media. There were rumors floating around in Wausau over the weekend that Parks got the job, with no comments or investigation by the local pint and broadcast media, who are obviously complicit in the cover-up.

  2. The public and the media have all but forgotten Officer Julie Christiansen. The public has a vague interest in the crime as it is portrayed by the Wausau Daily Herald but they have lost interest in Karger, the sheriff, the jail and the politics behind what caused the assault. The public and the media have shifted their short attention spans and are now more interested in the Marathon County Animal Shelter. It is very clear from the responses in the main line media that the public is more interested in the fate of the local cats than they are in the fate of their public employees who put themself in harms way on their behalf. It is a sad commentary on the lack of respect currently given public employees.

  3. The guards should let the inmates free and leave let the good folks of Wausau pay for their refusal to pay for safety.

  4. I'm from Marshfield but I lived 1/4 mile inside Marathon County when I was arrested for domestic bs. I lived in wausau jail 23 MONTHS. My pd showed my case to the Wood county DA after 21 months and he replyed that I wouldn't of served a DAY if it was in Wood. Julie is a sweetheart, never should of been touched. Did anybody notice the reason WHY the guy attacked was kind of an after thought. I'll wager that day they served steamed barley for lunch, that always brought out the worst. They said the inmates refused to put the trays on the cart after lunch which led to incident. I wrote a blog on the Wausau Daily Herald after it happened and it was erased after 30 minutes. Me? I was givin a 5 year sentence for a phone call, no lie, but, I will be coming into court within the next few months proving the tape was tampered with. In fact what they charged me initially for saying WASN'T EVEN ON THE TAPE AT TRIAL ! All of you living around Wausau don't know about your justice system until you or a friend are IN it. I got a whole lot of respect from fellow inmates in Jackson prison when they found out I went through MC, especially for 23 months, word gets around about BAD counties.