Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Market Rate of Wisconsin Republicans!


By Jeff Simpson

As someone who understands the "free" market and knows its importance in our economy. It is interesting to see how much money it costs to buy the Wisconsin republican party.

I used to think it was $325,000, but now apparently there is a fire sale.

Thanks to the honesty of Mike nASSelson,  he lets us know why the Governor Walker is pushing rent-own-deregulation.   As Steve MikalnASS tells Jack Craver, they sold out:

However, Mike Mikalsen, chief-of-staff to state Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, one of the few Republicans who have opposed rent-to-own deregulation in the past, said the policy was made entirely as a favor to Ashley Furniture, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of low-cost furniture that supplies many of the products in rent-to-own outlets.

Ashley, a large state employer, is not registered to lobby this session, but last session it reported spending $94,000 lobbying the Legislature just on the rent-to-own issue.

The other big backer of the measure is Rent-A-Center, a rent-to-own chain based in Plano, Texas. Last session it reported spending $192,000 lobbying the Legislature. Representing its interests is one of the top lobbyists in town, Eric Petersen, who, in addition to having an impressive array of powerful corporate interests on his client list, seems to be the go-to guy for stigmatized interest groups — payday lenders, tobacco companies, bail bonds, to name a few.

So while AFC and their flunky convicted felon Scott Jensen is paying $325,000 to buy one corrupt Senator (Rick Gudex),   The rent-to-own lobby is paying the same amount and buying the whole republican caucus! 


  1. There is no economic plan to any of this.
    The only sense that you can make of it is that they are not running a government. They are running a kleptocracy.

  2. Yes if they cared about Governing and running this state but they dont. Right now its a big frat party and they are trying to grab every nickel they can get before the people get wise to what they are doing and throw them out on their ear!

  3. I think these rent to own scammers are big sponsors of nASScar too. Add in guns, payday loan, finance at extreme rate used car dealers and limp willie and slo pee pills and that's about all there is to nASScar.