Friday, May 8, 2015

AFP-WI Knows How To Fill A Room

By Jeff Simpson

It is very simple, ignore all facts and just declare something as true, regardless how idiotic it sounds.   It is something Americans for Prosperity has thrived on, and this is no different.  

Apparently they had some kind of "grand opening"in Sheboygan and here is a pic from their facebook:

And with NO embellishment whatsoever, here is the caption on their pic:

Packed house here in Sheboygan tonight for our grand opening

A picture is worth a thousand words! 


adjective \ˈpakt\: pressed together so there is very little space between the parts or pieces
: filled with a large amount of something
: full of people : filled with as many people as possible

Nuff Said.    

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  1. Besides the speaker, I count (I think) 31 people in frame... plus, of course, the 527 people just OUT of frame to the right!!! Yeah, truly a HUGE crowd, you bet!!!

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