Sunday, May 3, 2015

Paul Ryan Embarrasses Himself, Badly!

By Jeff Simpson

As Paul Ryan says:

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) asserted over the weekend that poor communities — like in Baltimore — were stuck in a “poverty trap” because lucrative welfare benefits did not encourage people to find jobs.

Paul Ryan. who drinks $350 bottles of wine provided by Wall St. Lobbyists thinks that the welfare benefits, in places like Baltimore, are too "lucrative".

lu·cra·tiveˈlo͞okrədiv/adjectiveproducing a great deal of profit.
"a lucrative career as a stand-up comedian" 
synonyms:profitableprofit-makinggainfulremunerative, moneymaking, paying,high-income, well paidbankable

As Dr. Phil says, "some people get it, some people don't and boy you do not even come close to getting it!"

Paul, let me help show you some of the more lucrative sites of Baltimore:

Yes Pink Slip Paulie pretty much nailed that one, everyone in Baltimore is living in luxury.....  

I wish someone would let Paul know that the best way to get out of poverty is have a decent paying job and healthcare.    

Jus sayin......


  1. Wonder if he called his welfare check lucrative back when he was a teen, while his mom went to one of those fancy colleges instead of working at a job.

  2. I wanted to hear the interview with Ryan, so I watched the Sunday show. I had to turn it off because Ryan was so absurd and out of touch.

    1. So out of touch that he has been elected nine times from his Beloit to Kenosha congressional district.

    2. In touch, so one should find that nine terms of excellent leadership by Paul Ryan leaves Beloit and Kenosha thriving. Ok Mr. Blaska sell that to us.

    3. Actually Ryan got rid of Beloit quite some time ago. He understands that the secret to his success is cherry picking your electorate. Remember he cant even win his own ward no matter how much money he spends.

  3. Why isn't Rep. Ryan asking Obama to end the job-killing-government regulations against marijuana? I would never encourage anyone to use it, other than for medicinal purposes, but the prohibition against alcohol didn't work either. Hemp and marijuana would both be growth industries. States and local governments need the tax revenue and it would defund the drug gangs.

  4. He would be embarrassed if he had any sense of shame whatsoever. Too bad he has no sense of shame at all.

  5. out of touch yet somehow he still has a blog. Weird,huh?