Sunday, May 17, 2015

Walker Claims To Be Most Qualified On Foreign Policy

Via Crooks and Liars, we find that Scott Walker is claiming to be the most qualified GOP presidential wannabe on foreign policy because - get this - he visited six countries in the past two years!


In case you missed it, here's a partial transcript:
"And I do think if foreign policy plays an important role, the contrast will be clear because just about everywhere Hillary Clinton has played a role with this president -- under President Obama -- that part of the world is largely a failure, a mess," he continued. "Because of the policies we've seen from Obama and Clinton."

After noting that Walker had recently visited Israel, a trip partially paid for by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Schieffer wondered what made the Wisconsin governor qualified to lead the county's foreign policy.

"As a governor, I've been, just recently in Germany, in Spain and France," Walker explained. "Earlier in the year, it was the United Kingdom on trade related missions. A few years back in China and Japan. So, that's probably the most of any governor of either party has is that experience in terms of trade relations."

The possible candidate suggested that he would model his foreign policy after President Ronald Reagan, who he described "the best president" on foreign policy of his lifetime. He argued that "one of the worst presidents" was President Barack Obama.
Of course, Walker fails to mention that he only spent a day or three in each country. Granted, that's more time than he's spent in Wisconsin since being reelected, but still...

To be honest, though, claiming to be the most qualified on foreign policy because he went sight seeing in six countries is better than when he claimed to be qualified by running away from protesters.

And even when he is in said foreign countries, he either is hush-hush about everything or he punts.

I'm just a little surprised he didn't count going to Taco Bell as another notch in his foreign policy credentials.

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  1. And to think, he could have saved the State of Wisconsin so much money by shipping off (in cargo) a look-alike mannequin of himself to all those countries, with a recording of his scripted and de-gaffed speeches to entertain the locals! He would have learned just as much from the experience, and embarrassed himself less....