Monday, May 11, 2015

Jason Rae - The Choice of Christian Schneider

By Jeff Simpson

Nuff Said. 


  1. Not quite following you here, Jeff. How do you get "The Choice of Christian Schneider" out of this? Kinda reckless and slimey of you, don'cha think?

  2. I would say if Schneider thinks that it is out of hand, then we are probably on the right track.

    Do they both work for the same people?

  3. Graeme Zielinski is sticking up for Jason Rae now too. See

    That Jason Rae's firm's founder and senior partner and the Koch brothers make common cause by proping up rightwing groups ought not surprise. These guys are hacks for hire, engaging in whisper campaigns ala Karl Rove, and selling their access to the highest bidder. See "Government Relations"
    "Our team has worked on the 'inside' of the offices of Governors, Congressional members, and state agencies. We’ve worked at every level of government, and we have the relationships necessary to help you navigate state and federal bureaucracies to accomplish your goals."

  4. May I point out that bosses in general tend to be more Republican than their employees, for fairly obvious reasons? So a lot of very loyal Democrats have either Republican or (as in this case) fence-straddling bosses.

    This is not to defend Jason Rae in particular (whom I don't know from Adam), but to object to the basis of argument used here. For years *my* boss was the wife of the very Republican sheriff of Waukesha County; great boss, we never discussed politics; and you have see *my* alignment in my graphix....