Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Laning's Republican Fawning

By Jeff Simpson

Martha Laning is running to be chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, after losing out in a bid for State Senate in the last election.

Here is one of her ads:

I ask you, in the wake of the right-to-work-for less laws, telling people on snap what kind of cheese is acceptable, taking over public schools and making them charter schools and overturning Prevailing wage laws as we speak, when was the last time that a Republican had good ideas?

I am open to suggestions because once we get past Abe Lincoln I can not think of one!


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  2. 1. why would a republican vote for a democrat who says republicans have really good ideas? why not just vote for the Republican then?

    2. What exactly are those ideas? Bonus points if you can come up with one.

    3. Why not explain the facts of the walker/republican fiasco? or is that ultra liberal? How hard would it b eto use 203 of the local schools as a case study as to how poorly these policies have affected her constituents? Any plant closings in her area? What was the job creation number in her area? or is education and jobs ultra liberal subjects?

    4. If this is her messaging when running, No thank you on messaging for the whole party>

    5. So we are not supposed to criticze people who are running for office?

    6. I hope that all of the people running for office stay involved also and I also think we need them. However running the party is different and if some of them get in we wont have a party to belong to.

    1. Criticisms are fine...all the candidates have their strengths and weaknesses. I just don't agree with this particular criticism. Maybe Laning didn't get good advisement from DPW, and that could be an illustration of why real change is needed.

  3. (I deleted my earlier comment as I wanted to edit it slightly to clarify a couple things).

    I have to take some issue with these criticisms, which are kind of old at this point. Laning ran in a very red district. Was she supposed to portray herself as an ultra-liberal candidate? Maybe it wasn't the best ad ever, but it tried to make a point and appeal to moderate conservative voters. At the very least, I don't see how trying to promote the idea of bipartisanship is so horrible (although the Republicans have made such a concept almost foreign here in Wisconsin).

    Martha Laning would be a great face for the party, she is extremely well spoken, and has some really strong ideas on how to improve the party's messaging and local candidate support.

    Finally, I have to ask if we can stop "eating our own" with some of these criticisms? We have five very qualified DPW chair candidates that each have unique talents. I hope there is room for all of them to still be part of the party in some fashion, after the state convention is finished..

  4. I do know that she fired one of her political consultants part way into her campaign. This might have been one of their contributions. Honestly, after reading the comments here I was half expecting to hear her say she endorsed Ronald Regan and instead all she said was that either party can come up with good ideas. A better script writer should have probably had her say this instead ... "I believe that good ideas can come from either party".

    But I can't disagree with that. There are Republicans right now that don't believe in the TPP and don't believe in renewing the unchecked NSA surveillance program. I would have to agree with both of those. Granted the vast majority of Republican ideas that make it all the way through commitee and through a majority Republican vote are generally terrible .... but there are periodically good ideas from some Republicans.