Friday, May 1, 2015

Scott Walker - Always Backing The Losers

By Jeff Simpson 

It came out recently that like Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is mired in debt.   Where ever Scott Walker goes, he likes to put lots of spending on his credit card.  He personally owes Sears about $50,000.

You're not the only one in debt. According to state financial disclosure documents, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker reportedly owed between $10,000 and $100,000 to credit card companies in 2014. 
One of the cards listed was a Sears MasterCard that had up to $50,000 on it,The Daily Beast reports. 

A quick check of the retail market and you see that the Walker family appears to be the last remaining family still shopping at Sears.

Sears shares fell Thursday, after the struggling department store announced an adjusted net loss of $296 million—in line with the updated guidance it gave in November.The retailer also said it's accelerating the number of stores it plans to close this year, boosting its list from the 130 underperforming stores it announced in its second-quarter earnings release, to a total of 235 stores.

Like Wisconsin, Sears was once proud and well respected, then was taken over by a tea party loon who quickly proceeded to run their respective franchises to the ground.  

I guess if career politician Scott Walker has no idea who was even in office in Wisconsin, we probably should not expect to much from him in any other area of expertise.

Maybe when he realizes his dream of becoming President of the US is a pipe dream, we can use him as a crossing guard at a local school.

The neon can help cover up his horrendous wardrobe.