Friday, May 8, 2015

The Prayer of Scott Walker

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin's absentee Governor sent this prayer out on facebook yesterday.  As often happens at Cogdis, we bring you behind the scenes.   We were lucky enough to have someone leak us one of his original rough drafts(before someone with a college degree edited it):  

Reflections on the Power of Prayer and the National Day of Prayer

As we observe the National Day of Prayer today, I wanted to share with you how the power of prayer and lots and lots of campaign donations has shaped my whole life and has played a part of every major decision myself and my family, and Charles and David and Sheldon, makes together.

We believe in the power of prayer because we have felt the power of prayer.

Over the last four years, my family and I went through some very dark and challenging times - I almost had to get a job in the private sector. We went through three elections in four years and it cost my employers millions. We dealt with hundreds of thousands of protesters surrounding our capitol, silly peasants thought they had actual rights, and even some outside of our home where my parents and children were living.  We had to move my parents into our home because in this tough economy it is hard for seniors to make it alone.   

What kept us going during these times was the power of prayer,and the millions of dollars my bosses gave me. 2nd Corinthians 12:9 was a constant reminder, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Knowing that people across not only our state, but all across the country were praying for us gave us a greater sense of security and allowed us to move forward together as a family. It helped me focus on the personal fundraising job I was elected to do and encouraged me to never give up on fighting for(<<add) the people of Wisconsin.

That’s why I make it a point of praying for all of the leaders of our country—not just the ones I vote for—because it’s not about praying for someone to win or lose: it’s about praying for their guidance and safety.

I pray not just for our leaders but for the continued blessings of God on this great country of ours, which is what the National Day of Prayer is all about. I pray that our best days of peace, prosperity, and revival are ahead of us, after I put boots on the ground attacking ISIS, wherever they are.  That’s why I founded Our American Revival: to advocate for a revival of the values that have made our country great and continue to raise unlimited dark money campaign contributions. 

We need a revival in our homes and our communities where parents are given the choice to make the decisions about what’s right for their children.  I am told there are still states where parents do have that choice, must be run by the communist democrat party.  

We need a revival for our churches and houses of worship. Lawmakers and federal bureaucrats have been intruding too far into the lives of the faithful.   In my very own state, our legislators have passed bills drug testing people on unemployment, telling the poor what kind of cheese they can buy and banning abortion after 20 weeks just this week alone. 

We need revival for our world. We need to stand with our allies of religious and personal liberty and face the reality that there is evil in this world that wants to destroy people because of their faith and belief in freedom and justice. When freedom-loving people are attacked anywhere, it’s an attack on all of us. We need America to lead again in the fight to protect people of faith against our enemies. Let there be no doubt, anyone who is in a union or who signed the recall petition against me is an enemy of the state.   

This is what I pray for everyday and on this National Day of Prayer, and I hope you will join me and send me a donation to my new SuperPAC.  

God Bless you and God Bless America and especially God Bless me and if I have not mentioned it yet, send me money.  

While I commend Mr. Walker for speaking from his heart during his original draft, it is probably in his best interest that he edited this.  

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