Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Paying Job in Wisconsin Is:

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By Jeff Simpson

It has to be (drum roll please)


See Milwaukee's own Mary Sue Shannon is a top donor, and has given $110,000 just to Scott Walker alone.   Who knew that being a homemaker paid so well.   However Ms. Shannon is extremely talented. because not only can she rake in the money being a home maker, she does not even "make a home"(emphasis mine)

My research determined that Mary Sue Shannon is the wife of Milwaukee-area native and prominent University of Wisconsin alum Mike Shannon. Mike Shannon is a founding partner of KSL Capital Partners, a multibillion-dollar Denver private equity firm.

The Shannons are major supporters of Republican candidates nationwide and often list their address as 2323 N. Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa, in an office building called the Heritage House at Mayfair.

The building includes a first-floor Marine Bank branch and also is the home of Jacobus Wealth Management. Sources tell me the Shannons are Jacobus Wealth Management clients.

She is technically an "office building maker" who must have one hell of a rainy day fund!

PS:  A quick little fun fact, out of the top 25 Walker for Governor of Wisconsin donors, a whopping 5 of them live in Wisconsin.  At least he knows enough to take out of state campaign money while campaigning against it!

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