Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Fight For Our Children's Future

By Jeff Simpson

We have written extensively, about the lies and lack of morals, about Scott Jensen's main group(the poorly named)- American Federation for Children(AFC).

They of course are at it again.  This time, they are having a national policy summit in New Orleans and since education is not valued by AFC, they have invited college dropout Scott Walker to be a keynote speaker.

The interesting thing about this summit though is their logo.  


A boxing glove logo?  For an education summit?

It really sums up who these despicable people are!


  1. It's a perfect representation of what they do. They beat the snot out of public education and public school teachers and knock them out of a career with constant attacks, cuts in pay and creating budget deficits that allow them to defund public schools and turn the money over to for profit and voucher schools!

  2. The AFC and anti-education wingnuts have successfully weakened public education in the early rounds of the fight. They are gathered in their corner now to plan the strategy for throwing the final knock-out punch. This logo is completely appropriate.