Wednesday, May 20, 2015

With Friends Like These....

By Jeff Simpson

We recently brought you the story of Thad Nation, Founder of Nation Consulting and all of the work he has done helping Republicans destroy our state.   Nation Consulting is relevant because one of their associates, Jason Rae,  is trying to become the new chair of the Democratic party of WI.  

Nation Consulting consists of the Founder(Thad Nation), two partners and three associates.   We have documented the right wing bent of Mr. Nation and one of the other partners is Jeff Blumb.  

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, and here is Mr. Blumb:

Is this what you want running the Democratic Party?  Is there any wonder Nation Consulting's Democratic clients are not successful in elections?  

Please, if you are lucky enough to be deemed a delegate by your local Democratic party, do the right thing and let's star ridding ourselves of these right wing lobbyists from the leadership of the Democratic party,   

Our state depends on it!  


  1. Nation has been paid by Dems, too, over the years. In 2006 he was also behind the astroturf group "TV4US" that helped Plale (D) and Montgomery (R) push ATT"s ALEC draft that rewrote Wisconsin's cable television laws, paving the way for ATT U-Verse to cherry-pick profitable neighborhoods in the state, and to remove local control over cable franchises and turn it over to no, not the PSC, but the Department of Financial Institutions, who shrugged their shoulders and said "But we have no telecom experience, why us?" and were instructed to rubber-stamp the new state-level franchise for the telecoms. A taste of things to come! Has your cable bill gone down as Nation promised it would? Has service improved? Do you feel any more competition than before?

    1. That is in fact the problem. We want to shut off at least our money pipe into them. With an ex empoyee (or more) at the head of the party, how much chance do you think there will be of doing that. Shut them all off!

  2. Consultants are like pigs at the trough. They get low on money and the DPW sends some more their way. Democrat? Republican? Who cares. They just want MONEY. I am a delegate and will be at the convention.

  3. And a $200 donor to Scott Walker (his only political donations). Not only disreputable, but cheap.