Sunday, May 17, 2015

Scott Walker's Quote Of The Day

On Sunday, Scott Walker appeared on Face the Nation to tout his suddenly attained foreign policy chops by being a glorified tourist in six foreign countries.

Also from the show comes this wonderful little blurb:
"As a governor, you have to put a cabinet in place and hopefully you pick people as smart or smarter than you on any given topic," he remarked. "I think that's something that's required of a successful president."
I think Walker could easily do that.

In fact, I think it would be impossible to find someone that is not at least as smart, if not smarter, than Walker.

Even easier would be to find someone more ethical.


  1. And don't forget his picking out his staff for the privatized WEDC to do ever-so-much-better than the public, governmental Department of Commerce, because private is better than public! And the proof is in the pudding, isn't it, ButterScott?

  2. Will his people be off parole and able to travel out of state by then?