Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The UW System Cuts Disaster

By Jeff Simpson

 Even though we have had five years of complete Republican rule, and the Governor and his co-horts campaigned on us having a surplus, the sad reality is that we have a bigger budget deficit than when Scot Walker took office.  That led to a ridiculous austerity budget and one of the places where they proposed the biggest cuts was to the University of Wisconsin system.

While it is too late to do anything about the Republican dishonesty, it is not to late to stop these devastating cuts to the UW System.

Thanks to WisconsinBudgetProject, we know how bad they can be.


Scott Walker is definitely "focused like a laser beam" on jobs.....unfortunately his focus seems to be on eliminating jobs.   


  1. I sure hope that people remember the damage that the Republican legislators have done by rubber stamping Walker's policies and actions come the 2016 elections. They should all be thrown out so that in the future legislators understand that they serve the people not their party ideology!

  2. There's nothing there about the cuts and reorganizations planned for the thirteen two-year colleges.

    They plan to cut most of the administrative positions and centralize them, perhaps growing a fiefdom in Madison. This will happen this summer. They'll hire a half-time person to cover the duties formerly covered by three to five previously full-time positions. They're cutting recruiting positions, for example, that bring students into these schools, at the same time they're demanding that these schools increase their head count to justify funding. It's an idiotic mess.

    My tinfoil hat is telling me there's something afoot with a long-term plan regarding the two-year schools and the tech schools. I suspect that one will be folded into the other, along with a dilution of the value of a two-year degree.

    Interesting twist: the two-year campus properties are owned by the counties, not the state.

    What happens when the state closes a two-year campus? What will the county do with the property? Who will buy it, and at what price? Cui bono?

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