Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Troupis Dump

By Jeff Simpson 

It has been a time honored, bipartisan tradition, that when politicians are actually embarrassed by the things they are doing, they wait until Friday afternoon to announce it.  THis is because our lazy complaint media cares more about getting the weekend started than scrutinizing said politician.   If you are really embarrassed, than you wait until the Friday of a Holiday weekend,  

Our very own Scott Walker has become the master at this news dump and the Friday before Memorial Day 2015 could have been his master dump. As Capper covered the other day,  Walker appointed a bunch of political hacks and unqualified people to some very important positions.  

Probably the most egregious is appointing Republican lawyer and Wisconsin taxpayer leech Jim Troupis to a judgeship in Dane County.  

Walker's other politically appointed judge is Attorney Jim Troupis to Dane County Circuit Court:
Attorney Jim Troupis has been appointed to fill the seat of retiring Dane County Circuit Judge John C. Albert and will serve until August 2016. Troupis’ appointment comes seven weeks after a committee and group of advisers that vet judicial hopefuls rejected all four applicants for the job.

Those applicants were: state Assistant Attorney General Devra Ayala, state Assistant Public Defender David Klauser, criminal defense attorney John Hyland and Madison attorney and UW-Madison adjunct professor of law Nick Schweitzer.

Hyland, who said in his interview that he had signed the 2012 recall petition against Walker, plans to run for the seat next April and has formed a campaign committee.

Troupis was a partner at the Madison law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich before starting his own law firm in 2010. He worked with Republican legislators during their redistricting of the state following the 2010 census and also represented state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in the recount of the 2011 election.

Even if you have not heard of attorney Jim Troupis, you have been paying him for his work handsomely.   While taking no bids, the Wisconsin taxpayers have been paying Mr. Troupis $395/hr to defend Scott Walker in court(which keeps Jim very busy).  

Paying Mr. Troupis so well, you would think you would get high quality work for the public good from him.   You would be wrong.   Troupis was waste deep in the unethical filth that was the Republicans Redistricting    gerrymandering of our state.  Even though it was done by a handful of extreme right wing ideologues, they could not even stand Mr. Troupis.

McLeod then added, "I think Tad and (especially) Adam have Jim's 'number,' as my parents generation would say. He's hurt himself in this engagment. Given enough 'rope' he'll do further damage to himself as time goes by."
Plus they illegally withheld emails, that they were court ordered to turn over.  I wonder if judge Troupis will think its OK to blatantly ignore a court order?

Troupis also has contempt for his new peers, as he had this to say when Judge Sumi was purported to be considering a run at the State Supreme Court:

Troupis was disappointed Judge Sumi is considering a run. "It's obvious she was talked into it because of Act 10," Troupis said. "It should be about competence and qualifications, and clearly the only purpose of her running is to open that pro-union stuff."

Who does this guy get along with?  Well hate radio's own cop hitter, Vicki Mckenna for one.  They even went on a "Freedom Pervasion" tour of the state together.  

That is of course, when he is not busy taking trips around the world.  He thanks you for the money to be able to take such an extravagant trip!   

The most ridiculous part of Troupis' career though, would be when the 14 Senators left Wisconsin to slow down the passage of ACT 10.   Jim Troupis gave legal cover to Scott Fitzgerald to try and have democratically elected representatives arrested.   Seriously.  

But James Troupis, an attorney for Fitzgerald, said rounding up the senators is legal under a constitutional provision that allows the Senate to enforce its own rules, including mandatory attendance. That section allows each house to "compel the attendance of absent members."

Troupis insisted the detention is not an arrest because the senators are not suspected of any crimes. Rather, he said, the resolution seeks to enforce a legislative process.
"The Legislature has its own powers - that's the principle here," he said. "The constitution is quite explicit in providing our Legislature with independent authority."

But the distinction between "arrest" and "detention" was lost on a pair of Madison attorneys who are active in Democratic politics who said the state constitution provides an absolute bar against legislators being arrested for non-criminal offenses.

In an open letter to the Senate, Madison attorneys Lester Pines and Susan Crawford said "none of the fourteen absent Senators has been charged with a crime. Nor has any crime occurred. The Wisconsin Senate has absolutely no authority to order any of its members arrested or taken into custody in order to compel their attendance."

At least the irony is strong, when someone can  illegally and ridiculously try and have sitting elected officials "detained" then go on a "History of Freedom" tour around the state.

Troupis/Fitzgerald, actually sent State Troopers to the homes of the 14 Senators.  Wonder what other Government officials have sent police to the homes of their political opposition to have them detained in our History?  

Apparently Troupis feels the need to be in Wisconsin at your job, does not apply to Scott Walker.

Troupis tried to become a Federal Judge in 2007, under his old client George W Bush, but was soundly rejected.   Even the cronyism of Dubya could not see fit to giving Troupis more power.  

Another question that needs to be answered, is why would Dave Blaska have the Troupis appointment information two days before Scott Walker dumped on the people of Wisconsin?

Congratulations #2 — to Dane County’s newest judge, Jim Troupis.

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  1. It's more of the same corruption and good old boy system of rewarding loyalty not competence but let the taxpayers cover the cost!

  2. "Probably the most egregious is appointing Republican lawyer and Wisconsin taxpayer leech Jim Troupis to a judgeship in Dane County. // Walker's other politically appointed judge is Attorney Jim Troupis to Dane County Circuit Court:"

    Ummm, "other"? Jeff, you're listing the same appointment twice.

  3. You may wish to consult the Wisconsin Constitution, Article IV, Section 7: "Each house ... may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide." That's the law.