Thursday, May 21, 2015

Running The Numbers

By Jeff Simpson

In a week and a half, the Wisconsin Democratic Party will be holding their annual convention in Milwaukee.

Approximately 1200 Democratic Party Members who signed up ahead of time to be delegates will get the privilege to vote for the next party chair (I highly recommend Joe Wineke) and there are five candidates running.

Whoever wins the party chair(please please do not vote in Jason Rae), there are four very important numbers that they have to keep in mind.

The first number is 1,121,555.  

That is the amount of votes Mary Burke received.   Let's say there are 2000 people at the upcoming convention, that means there are 1,119,555 people who vote Democratic, when given a reason, who are not at the convention.

How will YOU reach out and treat them.

The second number is 1,259,163.

That number is one more than the vote total that Scott Walker received to win re-election.

How will the Democratic Party raise their vote total so that we take over the Governorship next time?

The Third Number is 99.

99 members in the Wisconsin Assembly and the current breakdown is 63 Republicans and 36 Democrats.   The Democratic party NEEDS to pick up 14 seats.

How do you plan on doing that(PS: its a long slow process is the wrong answer).

The Fourth and final number is 33!

There are 33 seats in the State Senate and currently Republicans hold 19 of them and the Democrats 14.  That means the Democrats MUST take three more seats!   Its Mandatory!

What is the path to success?

Those are the key questions that the new chair of the Democratic Party has to answer! 

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