Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Reality Sets In Wisconsin

By Jeff Simpson

You would think that three budgets in, with absolute complete control over all three branches of government, that the Wisconsin economy would be thriving. 

You would be very wrong! 

There will be no additional tax revenue over the next two years to help reduce Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed cuts to K-12 schools and the University of Wisconsin System, state lawmakers learned Wednesday.
The eagerly awaited update to projected tax collections, which policymakers had hoped would include at least enough money to plug a $127 million cut that Walker has proposed for public schools next year, contained no such windfall.
“We believe that the current estimates for the three-year period are still reasonable and should not be adjusted,” wrote Bob Lang, director of the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.
As recently as Tuesday, Republican co-chairs of the Legislature’s budget committee said they were hoping for improved projections so money could be spent on K-12 schools and to reduce Walker’s $300 million cut to the University of Wisconsin System. Republicans have also said they want to reduce Walker’s $1.3 billion in borrowing to pay for roads.

Not sure how many more times, that the Republicans from Wisconsin, have to prove that they have no business governing but we are definitely paying the price!  



  1. Down is up!
    Tax cuts increase state revenue!
    It's working!

  2. The businesses and corporations that received $353 million in tax credits from WEDC and saw their tax rate lowered to near zero {0.4%] by 2016 thanks to Walker feel it's great. They have not had to contribute $509 million in revenue[ taxes] and in some cases in spite of having a highly profitable year they paid practically nothing in taxes and some even got a check back from the taxpayers of Wisconsin. For all of this they didn't have to create a single job nor did they have to increase anyone's wages! Wisconsin is open for business for the few but closed for the many who live here. POLITICS OVER PEOPLE AND GREED ABOVE the Walker mantra!