Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christian Schneider: The Conservative Agenda Is Not Working

We all already know that Christian Schneider is nothing more than a paid propagandist. And he's not a very good one at that.  He's been caught fabricating stories and when he does try to deal with facts, he gets burned by people that really know what the truth is.

Yet the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel keeps him on as a regular calumnist because his drivel matches their corporate media agenda.  But sometimes, Schneider's overreaching on some subjects can backfire.

His column in today's paper is a prime example of that.  Schneider tries to defend Scott Walker's dismal record on job creation by saying that Walker is able to cherry pick numbers to make them look much more positive than what the reality is.

Schneider also tries to reassure the masses of sheeple who support Walker by saying the other GOP hopeful won't attack Walker on his lacking in job creation or on Wisconsin's flailing and failing economy because reasons:
Perhaps most important, Walker's challengers won't attack him on the Wisconsin economy because to do so would be to attack the efficacy of conservative policies in general. Walker is a down-the-line conservative; criticizing his governance would be to criticize exactly the kind of leadership Republican voters want to see in a candidate.

If Jeb Bush wants to say Walker isn't effective because Walker cut taxes, expanded school choice, took on the public sector unions, expanded the right to carry concealed weapons and implemented voter identification, exactly what does that say about what Bush stands for? Which of those Walker initiatives is Marco Rubio going to say Walker got wrong?

That doesn't mean Walker isn't susceptible to other attacks. If the other candidates are raising and spending tens of millions of dollars to run, they won't exactly adhere to Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment ("Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"). Maybe Walker will fend off charges that he's weak on foreign policy or that he's less electable than Bush or Rubio.

But criticizing Walker for being too much of a doctrinaire conservative is almost certainly a dead-end in the GOP primary. Republican presidential aspirants who attack Walker on jobs might just be disqualifying themselves from the one they want the most.
Now, what concealed carry or voter suppression has to do with the economy, I don't know.  Methinks that Schneider got so carries away with serving his word salad and was so desperate to defend Walker and so short on things he could use that he simply decided to throw everything in there to see if something worked.

But that is not the key point.

The key point is that Schneider is saying that the other Teapublicans don't dare attack Walker on his epic failures because Walker is the personification of the conservative agenda.

In other words, Schneider is basically admitting that the conservative agenda, otherwise known as plantation economics, is not working.  But Walker's abject failure doesn't matter because this is what their corporate masters want.


  1. I still am not sure whose taxes Walker cut because they sure were not mine(or his).

  2. Do you think these people care about RESULTS? It's all about the pose and power for these bubble-boys.

    Too bad for them that the other 80% of the presidential electorate that doesn't vote in GOP primaries does care about results. Enjoy 2016, guys!

  3. If Walker's opponents can't bring up his public sector failure, they can always bring up his private sector leadership failure running the WEDC.